Paintball Patches

JT USA Racing pants cut down to shorts c. 1990?

A neat pair of bright blue JT USA Racing pants that have been cut down to shorts and fit perfectly.

Stanley Russell’s Widowmakers patch

Stanley Russell brought this Widowmakers patch over to show me. The Widowmakers were likely the South Bay Arms factory team.

Richard Yabuki remembers his days on Navarone (c.1985-1987)

Richard Yabuki of Team Navarone emailed me recently with photos of his gear and memorabilia from Navarone's very early days.

Classic Nelspot 007 Patch

A Nelspot 007 Patch I found on a vest a couple weeks back. I'd seen one advertised in the Command Post Catalogs in the late 80s.

Medallion Team Registry and Custom Emblems – Captain Bo Peep

A scan from Paintball Sports International on the Medallion Team Registry. The example shows Bo Peep and his flock of sheep.

Pacific Paintball Patches

Two Pacific Paintball Patches from Tony Meno from the early 90s. These were from before Pacific became known as KAPP.

Washington Reign Patch from Shane Burns

Shane Burns of Washington Reign sent me a scan of this Washington Reign and Splat Attack patch.

Navarone Apocalypse Patch

A Navarone Apocalypse patch that came with Rick Rector's Navarone Autococker.

Fatal Swoop Team Patch from William Kapes

Fatal Swoop was a major competitor in the Great Western Series and also played NPPL throughout the 90s.

National Survival Game Patch and Bob Gurnsey

I talked to Bob Gurnsey today on the phone and he mentioned still having a bunch of National Survival Game patches left.

SplatMaster Pistols Promo Tape (c. 1989) by NSG with added credits


I purchased this as a VHS probably 8 years back and imported it from VHS about 5 years ago. Finally getting around to uploading it.

Worrgame Product WGP Patch and an IPPA patch

Two patches that came in the mail from George Scott of Tornado Alley Paintball. The Worrgame Product patch has actually...

Steel Flame Cancer Kill Box Patch from Derrick Obatake

Derrick Obatake of the Kamikaze Shooters, LA Hitmen and Steel Flame was a huge sponsor of the Itaintchemo event...

Classic WGP Sniper 1 patch

A classic Sniper 1 patch from the collection of Chuck Link.

The Hawaiian Cup at Hawaii Survival Games – Patch

The Hawaiian Cup patches
Bryan Lukashevsky also sent me these patches from his Survival Game Hawaii tournament, the Hawaiian Cup.

Classic Sat Cong Village Paintball Patch

Classic Sat Cong Village patch. A brass (?) sticker with this same design came on the side of many Sniper 1s. From the patch collection of Paul Schreck.

Top Gun Paintball Patches from Mike Galvin

Two patches from the New Jersey field, Top Gun Paintball that Mike Galvin Jr sent me photos of.

Montneel Designs Mega-Z Patch


2012-9-10-mega-z-montneel-patch One of my favorite paintgun patches, the Mega-Z! Silver text over the sheild says "Break the Mold!"

Mac 1 and Sat Cong Village Tournament patches

Two patches from Lucky Duck! I have been looking everywhere for this McMurray & Son (Mac-1) patch! Anyone play the 1992 gold cup tournament at SC?