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Jim Storm’s Custom .68 Caliber Trapmaster conversion from 1983

Jim Storm's custom .68 caliber paintball rifle from 1983. On loan from Johnny Barber and Joe Voss.
Jim Storm’s custom .68 caliber paintball rifle from 1983. On loan from Johnny Barber and Joe Voss.

This custom .68 caliber rifle was built from a Crosman Trapmaster by Jim Storm, a gunsmith from Calabasas and original owner/operator of the Quest/Conquest field in Malibu California. Storm converted a Crosman Trapmaster BB shotgun to shoot paintballs by rebarreling it (steel barrel and feed tube) and making a custom powertube/bolt.
Storm opened Quest in Malibu in 1983 and ran the field with help from Johnny Barber, Joe Voss and others until 1985. Barber, Voss and Dennis Martinez remember Storm having the rifle around 1983, making it one of the first custom paintball markers. Also one of the first with a pump handle!
Storm was a gunsmith out of Calabasas, California and created this rifle to use a the static bolt, rock back and pump forward to cock and load and pump back to close the breech.
This rifle is powered by two 12 grams and a selector switch on the back adds spring tensions which, according to Johnny Barber, will adjust from 300 fps to 400 fps!
Huge thanks to Nate Nailog at I&I Sports for arranging interviews with Barber and not throwing the rifle away after it was left in the shop by Voss’ son in law for a year.
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