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Full Blown Products Advertisement in June 1996 APG

Here is a neat advertisement for Full Blown Products’ grips, scanned from the June 1996 issue of Action Pursuit Games.

Full Blown Grips ad in the June 1996 APG.
Full Blown custom grips advertisement scanned from the June 1996 issue of Action Pursuit Games.

Robert Ferguson and Robert Vaughn were involved in running Full Blown, and were players on Team America. Ferguson also played on the Good the Bad and the Deadly.
The grips pictured in the ad are engraved with Vaughn but another APG article states the custom engraving was done by Scott Vaughn and not Robert Vaughn? Was that a type on APG’s part or is Scott a relative of Robert?

Full Blown Autococker
Robert Ferguson’s Full Blown Carter Machine Autococker.

Ferguson had this Autococker with him at a So Cal Stock game in 2014. Date is likely 1993-1994.  The dark green is color is a hard anodized and the tank is matched.  The body was cut by Carter Machine and the barrel is also a Carter barrel.

Full Blown Carter Grips for Autocockers and Mags
Examples of Custom Full Blown Grips that came from Carter Machine.

Many of Full Blown’s grips were made from Corian, which is a solid white material used on kitchen countertops.  During the early to mid 1990s, Full Blown’s grips were added to many Carter Machine paintguns and also sold at Unique Sporting Goods in Anaheim.

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