Bob Fowlie’s custom Carter Machine Tricar

A neat look at one of the few custom Carter Machine Tricar pumps I've come across. This example, owned by Bob Fowlie of Flex-Hone, has custom ano and grips.

Price breakdown for Bob Fowlie’s 1990 Sniper 2 and Tricar

When I met with Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie of Brush Research Manufacturing last year he pulled out various patches and...

Bob Fowlie on the Mexican Gatling Gun

Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie talks about an early hopper design he and his machinist came up with, the Mexican Gatling Gun.

Bob “Flex-Hone” Fowlie of Brush Research Manufacturing

Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie of Brush Research Manufacturing on the Flex Hone, classic so cal paintball, Who Are those guys and more.

Flex Hone a Termite Barrel Promo Photo

Bob Fowlie had this promo photo of a flex hone in a Termite barrel.

Ground Zero Catalog with Bushwacker Players

Scanned this Ground Zero catalog yesterday during my visit with Bob Fowlie. Bushwacker players, anyone know who?  Cool gear and awesome...

Classic Nelson internals from Bob ”Flex-Hone” Fowlie

I visited Bob ''Flex Hone'' Fowlie again today to scan some additional media he found.  This media included a couple...

Bob ”Flex-Hone” Fowlie’s Spiral Rifled Termite Body

A neat look at a Spiral Rifled Termite body that was given to me by Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie of Who are those Guys and BRM.

Bob “Flex-Hone” Fowlie Glamor Shot

Bob Fowlie's glamour shot with top of the line equipment for 1989. A Termite, a Cool Pro mask his Team BRM patch and much more.

A team BRM (Brush Research Manufacturing) Patch from Bob Fowlie

Met up with Bob ''Mr. Flex Hone'' Fowlie today and recorded a couple videos. Checkout the Team Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) patch he gave me!