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Bob “Flex-Hone” Fowlie Glamor Shot


Here is a glamour shot that Bob ”Mr. Flex-Hone” Fowlie had hanging on the wall.

The same gun was pictured in APG in December 1988 and the November 1997 issue in Flex Hone articles (same picture).
Not sure on the exact year but we can get a better idea from the gear Bob is equipped with.

The mask was either a Cool Pro or one Bob and his teammates on “Those Guys Mercenary Service” made. The lens is from a whipper snapper.

Early JT gloves with hard knuckles.

Bob is shooting a first run Termite with a delrin pump put together by ”Those Guy’s” Teammate Rob ”Termite” Smith and machine by Carter and Stan Russell with a few lapco parts. The sight rail is a Carter or Cal Ordnance style sight rail (with holes drilled through it), an aim point sight on top and a Thermo tank hung on an L stock.

The hopper is a homemade pvc hopper that Bob said he made.

Bob is wearing Tiger Stripe camos with a Brush Research Manufacturing patch attached to his left sleeve.

Not sure who the photographer was? Probably should ask Randy Kamiya?
Update: Randy says he wasn’t the photographer.

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