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The First Generation Kingman Choker Screw Spyder

This new product write up appeared in the February 1995 issue of Paintball Sports International and states that the Spyder is the “latest addition to [Kingman’s] Hammer series.”

February 1995 scan from PSI showing the 1st gen Kingman Spyder.
New product write up on the Kingman Spyder, which is “the latest addition to Kingman’s Hammer Series.” This scan is from the February 1995 issue of Paintball Sports International.

One thing to point out is that the pictured Spyder is not the standard early model Spyder, but one of the earliest versions, with the left side (driver side) choker adjustment screw.  This screw is basically a limited/choker for the valve to air flow and only appeared on this model Spyder.

Above is a horrible quick video I shot a couple years back showing the adjustment of the choker screw. Screwed all the way in will limit, or choke the air coming into the bolt from the valve on each cycle.
This early model Kingman Spyder isn’t extremely hard to find, but they are probably one out of every fifty or hundred standard early models spyders you see and probably didn’t continue past mid or late 1995.

2-1995 PSI scan showing the Kingman Choker Screw Spyder
Close up crop on the “Choker Screw” Kingman Spyder. Scanned from the February 1995 issue of Paintball Sports International.

Another neat feature on this early “Choker screw Spyder” is the muzzle break and brass lined barrel.  The muzzle break cut into this stock barrel is visible in the scan above.

Preceeding this Spyder from Kingman, are the Hammer I (nelson pump), Hammer II (sterling style pump), and the Hammer III (an inline blowback).  I’ve also seen a few other models, including one similar model the the “Choker Spyder” but with a tiger stripe anodizing. If anyone has information on the Tiger Stripe Choker model Spyder please let me know.

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