Eric Scott

KC No Hot Shots Paintball Regulator and Southport Reg Disassembly Videos

I recorded this video a while back showing the disassembly and reassembly of a Southern Pneumatics Southport / KC...

Rebuilding KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan and Southport Regs

A look at a few Sheridan KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan RG-1 and Southern Pneumatic Southport Regulators broken down and what orings are used for the rebuild.

The Falcon Part 5: As pictured in PSI February, 1995

The February, 1995 issue of PSI features several photos of the mysterious cross between the Phoenix and the Montneel Z, known as the Falcon.

K-C No Hot Shots’ Gas Through Grip on Mags and Cockers

Some photos of K-C No Hot Shot's Accessories including the Gas Through Grip assembly mounted on Autocockers and Automags and some history on Kermode's regs.

Phoenix as pictured in PSI June 1994

A new product article on the Southern Pneumatic's Phoenix paintball gun scanned from Paintball Sports International's June 1994 issue.

Shooting the Southern Pneumatics Phoenix c. 1994

A quick video shooting and mostly chopping paint in my Southern Pneumatics Phoenix Paintball Marker.

KC No Hot Shots Reg on a Phoenix

A KC No Hot Shots Regulator on a Southern Pneumatics Phoenix.

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots Regulator

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots regulator from Eric Scott with a Phantom Revolution seal sitting on top.

Close up shot of Eric Scott’s prototype Phoenix

A left side breech photograph of Eric Scott's prototype Phoenix.

A prototype Southern Pneumatics Phoenix from Eric Scott

A Full left side shot of Eric Scott's prototype Phoenix.

The Falcon part 4

The Falcon Prototype compared with a Phoenix. This prototype came from Eric Scott of Southern Pneumatics.

The Falcon part 3

I believe parts for 20 Falcons were made but based on stories I have heard most Falcons besides the three were never assembled.

The Falcon Part 2

This picture shows (left to Right) Marcus Neeley, holding a black Falcon, Rob Fox holding a Blue Falcon and Rob's father, Tom Fox holding a Yellow Falcon.

The Falcon Part 1

I scanned this ad for the 1994 Phoenix/Montneel hybrid, the Falcon from the October 1994 issue of Paintball Sport International.

Phoenix Cylinders…

A large bag of Southern Pneumatics Phoenix Rotating Breeches from Eric Scott.