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Delaware Delta Dogs memorabilia c.1985-88?

Dominic Michael Caputo II contacted me and sent these pictures of his old memorabilia from Delaware’s Delta Dogs.  The Delaware Delta Dog’s were one of the big competing teams in the mid 80s.  Playing 2nd in both ’84 behind Atlanta Blue and 2nd in 86.  

Dominic's memorabilia and Bushmaster
Dominic’s Memorabilia and Line Si Bushmaster

Top row: 
Newspaper clipping on the Delaware’s Delta Dogs. Late 1988 or 1989 Bushmaster Deluxe with back bottle asa, aimpoint, lever changer and muzzle break.

Bottom Row:
The Mack Bolan award for 1st place runner up (second) in the NSG championships for 1986, the patches from 1986 and 1987 NSG Championship, the patch from the 1987 Air Pistol Open in Newbury NY and a standard NSG patch.

Delaware Delta Dogs newspaper clipping

This newspaper clipping of an article from 1986 summarizes the NSG Championships for 1986 in near Pittsburgh, listing the Delta Dog members and mentions their 2 second place wins. 

Dominic's tiger stripes
Dominic’s early Tiger Stripe Products’ BDUs.

Dominic wrote me:
“The delta dogs placed 2nd in [the] ’84 and ’86 National Championships. 84 was held in Florida we used Nelson guns for both.”

Delaware Delta Dogs patch
Closer shot of the BDU patch for the Delaware Delta Dogs along with the logo patch.


Dominic's pumps and smg
Dominic’s arsenal from the early days.

He writes, “Lower gun is my original 007 with pump next is one that took barrel extension, top is smg 60 with silencer all still working after 25+ years.”

Also shown are Dominic’s smg clip belts and Whippersnappers.

The Mack Bolan award
The Mack Bolan award, one sponsor of the early survival game tournaments.

I had never heard of the Mack Bolan award before so I asked whether it was the field, or a sponsor or what?
Dominic Michael Caputo II replied, “Mack Bolan was a fictitious character in a series of books who sponsored in some of the survival games back then.”
Dominic also send me this link on Mack Bolan. Guess I have some reading to do, 800 books worth…

Giant thanks to Dominic Michael Caputo II  for sending me these photos.  If you have old team photos you would like to share please email them to me at dan@baccipaintball.com  

I probably won’t put them up right away depending on how busy I am but I will get to them eventually. 

Find this album of photos on facebook at:

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