Dave Youngblood DeHaan

John Coleman’s history with the Bushwackers and Carter Machine

John Coleman of the Bushwackers, Carter Machine and Dye remembers his history in Paintball through the late 1980s and mid 1990s.

Stanley Russell’s Widowmakers patch

Stanley Russell brought this Widowmakers patch over to show me. The Widowmakers were likely the South Bay Arms factory team.

Team Havok patch from Joe Comstock

Joe Comstock sent me this patch from his team Havok which played in Southern California in the mid to late 1980s.

Taso Autococker Advertisement – January 1995

Dissection of a TASO ad featuring one of the Taso Signature Series Autocockers and other period accessories from 1994 to early 1995.

Identifying Carter Machine Autocockers

Carter Machine Autocockers came in many styles and designs. Some mods were for performance and others for aesthetics. In this write up I list what I've found.

Youngblood and Russell Maynard at Borderlands

A photo from Colin Thompson of Dave Youngblood Dehaan and Russell Maynard at Borderlands in San Diego.

Carter Machine Breech Hole Cut?

Photo showing the the left side vent hole cut under breech on the Carterized Youngblood Ironmen autococker.As far as...

Youngblood – Paintcheck Hall of Fame – May 1990

Dave "Youngblood" DeHaan, with his long barrel Carter Comp, is featured as player of the year in the Hall of Fame issue of Paintcheck, May 1990.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

Carter Machine Widowmakers and the Termite Gun

A team photo of the Carter Machine Widowmakers that I re photographed off the floor of Earon Carter's shop.

Haas CNC article on DYE’s machine shop

Looking up information for one of Earon Carter's interview videos I found this article on Youngblood's operation.  http://atyourservice.haascnc.com/success_stories/haas-cnc-machines-assist-in-paintball-gun-barrel-production/ The article is...

Hawaiian Shirt Day At Sc Village, a photo from Jerry Yandell Sr.

  Another photo from Jerry Yandell Sr. Jerry didn't remember which event this was but it's another good 90s shot. ¬†Back row...

Jerry Yandell & Dave Youngblood

Dave Youngblood Dehaan and Jerry Yandell stand beside each other at a National Guard Game at SC Village.

Dave Youngblood in Ross Alexanders Tiger Stripe Tux – 6/91 APG Cover

APG June 1991, Youngblood wearing a Tiger Stripe Tux
June 1991 issue of APG featuring Youngblood on the cover with his custom comp and Tiger Stripe Tux.

Matte Nickel asa for Youngblood’s Autococker

An asa for Dave Youngblood's Ironmen Autococker I found at Earon Carter's Shop.

Youngblood’s 1994 Ironmen Autococker

One of the 1994 Nickel Plated Autocockers awarded to the Ironmen, this was Dave Youngblood's gun and I just rebuilt it.

White Full Blown Grips for an old Autococker

Carter white grips Full Blown Grips for a classic Autococker or Automag Single hole.