Chipley Custom Machine (CCM)

Planet Eclipse E2 and E1 Autococker Frame Menu Options

A detailed explanation and technical information on the Planet Eclipse E1 and E2 Frames for the Worr Game Products Autococker.

A Quick Look at a CCM Delrin Trigger from an 86 Slider Frame

Here is a quick look at the delrin trigger that came in CCM's 86 slide frames that were sold with J2s and Series 6 pump markers.

Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village

Andre and I played some UWL pump practice games on saturday January 7th at SC Village with The Foot Clan.

CCM Series 5 Trash Can Regulator History

David Ahdoot talks about CCM's Series 5 Regulator and explains the year and models it came with. This came on both the pump and semi models.

Kapp Right Feed Autococker with Jam Bolt and CCM frame

Here is a neat matte grey Kapp right feed Autococker with a CCM swing frame and a Jam Bolt. I didn't like the two matte greys together.

Justin shoots his Inceptions Designs Ripper

A look at a nicely built Inception Designs Ripper Mechanical Autococker that Justin Dover has assembled. He explains the components used and then cycles it.

The CCM SSR First Strike Rifle with Timothy Kerigan

Timothy Kerigan shows off his brand new CCM SSR rifle, which is a bolt action rifle built at Chipley Custom Machine for shooting first strike paintballs.

WGP Tommy Gun Sniper 1 Serial 71

A partially restored Worr Game Products Tommy Gun Sniper 1 with a CCM Thompson barrel. This combo looks fantastic and shoots great.

Lee’s uniquely set up Hornet pump

Here is a picture that Lee Randolph sent of his Hornet Paint Guns ''Hornet.'' Lee says that the CCM Thin frame will fit on a ranger rail without any modifications.