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Articles containing videos on paintball history.

Charlie Masunaka’s Stock Class Modified WGP Ranger

A video with Kamikaze Shooters' player Charlie Masunaka on his customied Worr Game Products Ranger that has been modified to Stock Class.

TnC Products’ Green Bubble Body Autococker c.2002

Overview of a Green Bubble Body Autococker by TnC Products out of Ontario California. This kit was not mass produced and I would estimate it dates to 2002.

“Shark” Custom Milled Autococker – TnC Products c. 1999

A look at an early Ogaz Enterprises Autococker machined from a stock WGP body with Shark engraved on the side. Chris Ogaz began machining Autocockers for Spanky around 1998 or 1999 and this was likely one of the early examples.

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Mini Belsales Evolution Autocockers in Green and Clear c.94-95

With help from Jason Henley and Adam Schultz I've put together some information on Mid 90s Mini's Belsales Evolution Autocockers.

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