Renegade Tiger Stripe Pullover with no Embroidery / Tags

This Renegade Tiger Stripe pullover lacks the signature front tags and embroidered elastics that Renegade products usually featured on the collar and cuffs.

Indian Springs Sandana pack 4H + 1V

Here is a pack made by Indian Springs using the Sandana flying Skull print material. It's a 4 horizontal plus one vertical pack.

Warpaint Int. Renegade Glow Oak pullover

A radical Rengade Glow Oak Pullover that has been silkscreened for Dan Bonebrake's company, Warpaint International based out of Oregon which host Supergame.

1990s Sandana with Bad Bird Silkscreen and early tag

A look at the tag and silk screen designs on a very early Sandana head wrap with a printed tag and flying skulls logos.

Started filming a few videos shooting misc paintguns today

A table of misc paintguns and equipment that I'm preparing for videos tomorrow.

Frank and Hayden Figerell, of Navarone

Frank Figerell, and his son Hayden, talk about Navarone and show off there impressive Navarone Autococker and Minicocker.

Chuck Link’s Vintage Tiger Stripe Products and Pursuit Products Camouflage

Chuck Link sent over several photos showing the camouflage that he and the teams he played on wore over the years including Tiger Stripe and Realtree.

Bad Bill Sandana in a vintage pattern

A neat Bad Bill Sandana head wrap with the hard brim and single tag and vintage pattern.

Shooting the Redux Stock Class Pistol

An overview of the Redux Stock Class Pistol, designed by Steve Mongo Brett, as a modern DD-68 Desert Duck pistol, and Ron Kilbourne's Tiger Stripe vest.

Vents’ Head Armor c. mid 1990s?

Two sets of vintage Vents' Head Armor from the mid 1990s. These attack to the top of a Vents mask.

Ironmen at the Chicago Open c. 1991

The Ironmen pose, at what was likely the 1991 Chicago Open. Photo was sent to me by Tim Schloss of Tiger Striper Products.

Team Tiger Stripe Shirt from Tim Schloss

Here is a neat cartoon Team Tiger Stripe T shirt that Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products sent me after I helped him reunite with his stolen bushmaster.

Delaware Delta Dogs memorabilia c.1985-88?

Dominic Michael Caputo II send these photos of his classic Delaware Delta Dog memorabilia, patches, paintguns, trophies and newspaper clippings.

Shooting a Planet Eclipse Sovereign 1

In this quick video I shoot and show off a very nice Planet Eclipse modified Sovereign 1.

Smart Parts / Renegade Goggleflauge mask covers

Two sets of Smart Parts / Renegade goggleflauge that I picked up a while back. A neat additional to a mask, these will be listed on the site eventually.

Navarone Sandana from Viper

A Navarone Sandana that originally belonged to Navarone member Greg Durane and was given to me by Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry of Viper Scenarios.

Fatal Swoop and Sandana T-shirt from Lennie Villiados, early-mid 90s

A Fatal Swoop T shirt from Sandana from Lennie Villiados.

National Survival Games Hat c. mid-late 80s?

Awesome National Survival Game hat. Camo with the silkscreened logo. Not sure on year, probably 1987-1989?