Bacci Mountain

Ant Linda Shoots a Team Dragoon Buzzard

Ant Linda blast paintballs through a Team Dragoon Carter Machine Buzzard pump paintball gun from the late 90s originally owned by Dragoon player Mike Jacot.

Tim at Paintballtek works on a Cyber 9000, 1st paintball marker with a LCD screen

The Cyber 9000 was the first paintball marker to feature a LCD screen. Wath Tim at PaintballTek as he tests one of these markers to see if it will function.

Eric Jordan on his Mechanical Smart Parts Ion

Eric Jordan showed me his Mechanical Smart Parts Ion, while attending out Bacci Mountain Paintball Game in Northern California.

Arlyn / ARJames’ Bead Opener Tool on Kickstarter

Arlyn James is building a small key chain hex driver and running a kickstart selling them to buy tooling for his mill.

Ted “2 Gunz” Hines’ Tidy Bowl Annihilator

Ted "2 Gunz" Hines talks a little about a radical short barrel Annihilator, actually referred to as a Tidy Bowl by Earon Carter and the Kamikaze shooters.

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Some screen captures from videos I recorded this weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. We had around 20 players and played stock and open class pump.

Bacci Mountain Pump Paintball 2nd-3rd August 2014

If you're in Northern California then join us on August 2nd to 3nd for Bacci Mountain Pump Game 2014, a pump paintball extravaganza.

Bacci Mountain New Years Game Stock Class Video

A quick video from some of the action at our stock class game over the holidays.

Bacci Mountain 2013 group photo

Here is a photo of our group at the 2013 Bacci Mountain Open Class Pump and Stock Class Paintball game.

Conclusion of Bacci Mountain 2013 and some lens camo

Wrapping up Bacci Mountain 2013 with Tim Firpo at and a photo of some lens camo.

The greatest paintballer of the 1700s, James O’Claire

Step into the world of an old school paintballer, James O'Claire's world. He's been paintballing since apparently the 1700s with his nelspot 007 pump.

Arlyn James’ Lever Action Sniper 2

Arlyn James shows off his custom Lever action Sniper 2 with a cocking mechanism he devised.

Bacci Mountain pump game, July 26-28 2013

Starting to plan our Bacci Mountain Pump gathering in Northern California. The date will be July 26-28, 2013.