Air America

Great Western Series Tournament Flag from 1997

The Great Western Series was run throughout the 1990s by Russell Maynard. This flag dates to 1997 and lists a variety of sponsors.

Rick Cendejas’ Early 90’s Ironmen Autococker and Splash Minicocker

Two custom Minicockers courtesy of Rick Cendejas. An original Ironmen Autococker, and a Splash Mini that Rick built himself around late 1993 / early 1994.

Robert Anderson on Black Sunday, Kwik-Maxx and Team Image

Looking back on Black Sunday's history with Robert Anderson as he revives the team for their future UWL, NXL, and Woodsball World Cup events.

Michael Karman remembers Doc James Outdoor Games

Michael Karmen talks about Doc James Outdoor Games, which was located in Illinois and run by Green Beret and Medic Doc James during the 1980s.

Air America 320 Unireg – female asa thread

A classic 320 Unireg from Air America. This unique regulator has Female ASA thread for the input as opposed to standard male threads.

Air America Regulator Weight Comparison

We take a brief look at the weight of several Air America inline regulators including Uniregs and a titanium Prophecy Air America Regulator.

Adam Gardner’s Smart Remote?

Did this remote once belong to Adam Gardner of Smart Parts and the All Americans? The bottom is engraved "All Americans Adam G."

Richard Yabuki remembers his days on Navarone (c.1985-1987)

Richard Yabuki of Team Navarone emailed me recently with photos of his gear and memorabilia from Navarone's very early days.

Stephen Blair’s Line SI Bushmaster

Stephen Blair, of the Bushwackers and Black Sunday, shows off his Line SI Bushmaster.

A Bizarre Electronic Framed Autococker with an engraved reg

Losing sucks, engraved on the unireg stainless Air America Regulator, likely means this Autococker was owned by a customer of B and M.

A 96 Super Cocker with a Prototype Air America Integrated Regulator

This Autococker came from Scott Pastorino who worked with Ted Mikrut at Air America designing the Messiah Regulator. The integrated reg is a prototype.

Old Out of Hydro Compressed Air Tanks

Old decommissioned and out of hydro Air tanks. These High pressure tanks are mostly off old Autocockers and Automags and will someday be used for display.

WGP STO Autococker

A classic 1996 or 1997 STO Autococker that I picked up a few days ago. This cocker is overall in excellent shape.

Mystery Vert Feed Autococker body

A mystery autococker body that I haven't been able to identify.

Swarm, Sparky and his Combat Connections’ Swarm Gun c.1989?

Several article Scans and photos of Swarm player, Sparky's, Swarm Gun.