Home History The Line SI “Christmas Gun” Bushmaster – Gilly Martinez

The Line SI “Christmas Gun” Bushmaster – Gilly Martinez

The Line SI “Christmas Gun” Bushmaster – Gilly Martinez

California Bushmaster’s Team Patch.


Here is a video from our Bacci Mountain Pump game at the end of July 2011 staring Gilly!

Gilbert “Gilly” Martinez talks about the recovery of his Line SI JT USA “Christmas Gun” Bushmaster and general history on his team, the Line SI Sponsored California Bushmasters. Gilly was captain of the California Bushmasters from 1990 until 1997.

1990 California Bushmaster’s Team Photo, courtesy Gilbert Martinez. Photo taken at the 1990 Line SI Masters Event

For a great resource of information on Line SI’s Bushmaster pump paintball gun check out this page:

Line SI Knowledge Base on MCB

Gilly’s JT USA Bushmaster which he and his team, The California Bushmasters pieced back together for the So Cal Skirmish Store

After recovering the stolen Bushmaster, Henry Gilbert, who ran the Line SI/Skirmish store in Reseda,CA gave the gun back to Gilly for his hardwork.

Gilly’s JT Bushmaster was one of (I would estimate) 15-25 that JT/Line SI gave to prominent industry figures and team captains. And one of the few that was on sale to the public through the Skirmish store in Reseda, California. This was the home shop for Line SI and Line SI even named their first model or Breech drop (nelspot 007 compatible) nelson the Skirmish.

One of which was given to Southern California Bushwackers captain Ron Kilbourne.
Another JT USA Bushmaster appeared on ebay several years ago and likely came from the collection of Sonny Lopez (or another Hitmen team member) and ended up in the collection of a California MCB member.

The JT USA Bushmasters featured JT USA engraved on the pump arm and the body in addition to Line SI Bushmaster.
While not an original part of the JT USA Bushmaster, the Line SI Wire Stock (which Gilly added) were available on Bushmasters of the same period and today are a sought after upgrade.

Thanks to Gilbert Martinez, Steve “Mongo” Brett, Manny Medina and Alex Vu for their help with the video. And additional thanks to Gilly for the Bushmaster!

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  1. Another one was in Calgary, Canada. It was given to the captain of the Rocky Mountain Rangers, and was subsequently stolen from the same person some years later.


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