William Kapes

The Constable / Gatenby FN-49 .62 cal Rifle c.1987

I shoot some older .62 caliber paint through the FN-49 rifle, given to David Freeman by Steve Constable of Pursuit Supplies International.

The Rat Attack 12 Gram Changer and the Texas Boonie Rats

The Rat Attack 12 gram bucket changer was first developed by the Texas Boonie Rats players Sam Harrison and M.C. Levey in the late 1980s.

So Cal Stock at Jungle Island for Jan 2015 12 gram challenge

Sonny's Super Stars played Bacci's Bad Boys at Jungle Island on 1-10-2015 for a 12 gram challenge match. 38 players total and we recorded a rad video!

New Logo for So Cal Stock from William Kapes

William Kapes designed this awesome logo for the So Cal Stock group!

Bob Fowlie’s custom Carter Machine Tricar

A neat look at one of the few custom Carter Machine Tricar pumps I've come across. This example, owned by Bob Fowlie of Flex-Hone, has custom ano and grips.

Carter Machine Breech Hole Cut?

Photo showing the the left side vent hole cut under breech on the Carterized Youngblood Ironmen autococker.As far as...

John Barber, of Who are Those Guys, pictured in APG May ’96

Holding his Frank Postle Frank Gun, and wearing his Who are Those Guys and That Gal Mercenary Servive Tiger Stripe Camouflage.

Automag serial 182 in a Level 5 style Body

An early automag, serial 182, which was originally a level 5 body, has been upgraded to a level 7 and is in a level 5 body.

Gaston Nogues’ Carter Machine VM68 c.1994-95

A beautiful Carter Machine Vm68 I purchased locally from the original owner Gaston Nogues. Gaston bought this VM new in the mid 90s.

William Kapes’ Carter Machine Long Sleeve Shirt

William Kapes designed this Carter Machine long sleeve shirt he showed off a Super Game.

Breaking Down a Level 5 AGD Automag

A video disassemby of an AGD Level 5 Automag. I built this Automag from parts but didn't have a level 5 valve on hand so I used a level 7.

Automag Level 5 Breech

An Automag Level 5 Breech separated from the marker is a neat look at how early Automags were constructed.

Fatal Swoop Team Patch from William Kapes

Fatal Swoop was a major competitor in the Great Western Series and also played NPPL throughout the 90s.