Unique Sporting Goods

Great Western Series Tournament Flag from 1997

The Great Western Series was run throughout the 1990s by Russell Maynard. This flag dates to 1997 and lists a variety of sponsors.

A Stick Feed Block for the Advantage SI and Ken “Kidd” Hovanian

Steve Brett, aka Mongo, talks about an Advantage SI Stick Feed Setup that Ken "Kidd" Hovanian made and a photo from the Hawaii Cup 1993 event with Kidd.

Mark Bragg’s 62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11

Mark Bragg sent photos of the serial on his 62 Caliber Sniper 1 over this week. The serial is "62 011."

More on Samuel Riley’s Navarone Bushmaster

Some more information that Samuel Riley, from Unique Sporting Goods, sent me about his Line SI Navarone Bushmaster.

Navarone Bushmaster from Riley Unique

A Navarone Bushmaster I bought from Samuel "Riley" who worked at Unique Sporting Goods in Anaheim.