Original Termite Pump handle c.1988 from Jim “Howdy” McGuffog

A quick look at an original pump handle from Jim "Howdy" McGuffog's Termite pump.

Airing up and Shooting a Termite Gun Pump c.1989

In these series of videos I air up and shoot a Termite gun pump, which was built in late 1988 or early 1989.

Stanley Russell’s Widowmakers patch

Stanley Russell brought this Widowmakers patch over to show me. The Widowmakers were likely the South Bay Arms factory team.

Background display for a video with Stanley Russell

This display wall shows a variety of paintguns from the 1980s that Machinist and Welder Stanley Russell was involved in creating.

Restored Early Carter Machine Buzzard History

Identifying a beautiful classic Buzzard and noting the subtle differences between 1989-90 model Carter Machine Buzzards and Termites.

John Barber, of Who are Those Guys, pictured in APG May ’96

Holding his Frank Postle Frank Gun, and wearing his Who are Those Guys and That Gal Mercenary Servive Tiger Stripe Camouflage.

Dan shooting the Spiral Rifled Termite

Dan shoots the Spiral rifled Termite and offers a more thorough looks than Mr Jorge Cervantez.

Jorge Cervantez, 2002 Trick Shot World Champion

Trick Shot World Champion, Jorge Cervantez shows off some of the moves he used with his deadly accurate Termite to win the title in 2002.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

Paintball History Display at Super Game 2013

The beginnings of the classic paintball history display we're setting up at Super Game 2013.

Looking at the Spiral Rifled Termite’s Body

Looking at the body of the Spiral rifled termite in this youtube video. I've never seen a rifled barrel on a breech drop termite besides barrel.

Earon Carter on the Termite Gun and Buzzard

Earon Carter discusses the transition between Rob Termite Smith's Termite gun and Earon's own Buzzard.

Termite Gun Assembly and Features

Disassembly and features of a tricked out Termite Gun built by Rob "Termite" Smith.

Flex Hone a Termite Barrel Promo Photo

Bob Fowlie had this promo photo of a flex hone in a Termite barrel.

Kevin Donaldson, of the Master Blasters on the Termite

A History of Rob "Termite" Smith's Termite Gun and Earon Carter's Buzzard. Kevin Donaldson and Earon Carter also discuss the history of the Termite Pump.

Carter Machine Widowmakers and the Termite Gun

A team photo of the Carter Machine Widowmakers that I re photographed off the floor of Earon Carter's shop.

Kevin Donaldson Interview videos

Catching up on editing some video footage from earlier last year.  Here is a shot from an interview I...

Classic Nelson internals from Bob ”Flex-Hone” Fowlie

I visited Bob ''Flex Hone'' Fowlie again today to scan some additional media he found.  This media included a couple...

Termite or Buzzard Sight Rail

A neat Termite Gun or Buzzard sight rail that Paul Schreck gave me.

Building Bob Fowlie’s Spiral Rifled Termite Body

Which grips should I glue onto the Spiral Rifled Termite body? They will be JB welded on so I only get to choose once!