Steve "Mongo" Brett

JT USA Racing pants cut down to shorts c. 1990?

A neat pair of bright blue JT USA Racing pants that have been cut down to shorts and fit perfectly.

The Revolver Hammer, by Ken Kidd

Steve Brett, maker of the Redux, and I look at a neat classic Nelson 007 Revolver Hammer that was modified by Ken Kidd, of Line SI and Navarone.

Ken Kidd’s Straight Nelson ASA for Line SI and Carters

Steve Mongo Brett Looks at a straight nelson asa adapter that Ken Kidd made for the Line SI advantage, Bushmaster and Carter Buzzard.

A Stick Feed Block for the Advantage SI and Ken “Kidd” Hovanian

Steve Brett, aka Mongo, talks about an Advantage SI Stick Feed Setup that Ken "Kidd" Hovanian made and a photo from the Hawaii Cup 1993 event with Kidd.

History on the Line SI Advantage with Steve Brett

Steve "Mongo" Brett talks about the Line SI Advantage, a double action semi automatic that was released in 1990.

Shooting the Redux Stock Class Pistol

An overview of the Redux Stock Class Pistol, designed by Steve Mongo Brett, as a modern DD-68 Desert Duck pistol, and Ron Kilbourne's Tiger Stripe vest.

Paul’s ”RTR” Circle Pistol with a Circle Snub

Here is Paul Schreck's Circle Pistol which uses one of his Circle Snubs and is built around a combination of parts including Carter Internals, a RTR Carter pump handle and feed, RTR Bionic Arms, a Tech T sizer kit, a redux frame, rail and valve body sets.

Ralph’s Killboys Patch from Steve “Mongo” Brett

Steve Brett, aka Mongo, gave me this patch at our game last week. This patch was for Mongo's team, made up of Ralph's players named the Killboys.

Steve “Mongo” Brett and Ralph’s Killboys

Steve Brett, also known as Mongo, maker of the Redux Pistol, joined out so Cal Stock group at SC Village today and showed off a Ralph's Killboys patch.

Ralph’s Kill Boys’ Annihilator

I purchased this Mac 1 Annihilator from a member of Ralph's Kill Boys.

Redux vs the Duck vs the VKC Redux at FPEW

Pat, Ted and Ryan show off their reduxs
In this video (left to right) Ted "The Icon Known as Ted" Martinez and Ryan "BlueDragonX" Bourgeois briefly show off some of the improvements to the new VKC Redux.

Kamikaze Shooter DD-68 Baby Duck compared to a Redux?

Kamikaze Shooter DD-68 Baby Duck compared to a Redux?