Sovereign 1 with modifications by G3PB

A neat British Racing Green Sovereign 1 modified by G3PB with a Bob Long frame likely modified by John Gross at the Florida Paintball Center.

Breaking down two Sovereign LPRs (Low Pressure Regulators)

I broke down two Sovereign LPRs to look at the internals, find compatible seals and compare them.

Auto Sterling article c.95 from French ‘Paintball Mag’

A new products article about the Auto Sterling reshot from a 1995 French Magazine, Paintball Mag. Possible the only published photos of the Auto Sterling?

Sterling Auto-Rocker Semi Automatic

A great find from across the Pond, a Sterling Auto-Rocker kit which turns the pump Sterling into a Semi Automatic.

Sovereign to Autococker barrel thread adapter

A neat custom adapter that allows a Sovereign semi auto to take the barrel from an Autococker. Shown on a customized Bad Boyz Toyz Sovereign.

Eclipse Advertisement Scanned from 9-1998 PGI

An Eclipse ad showing Autocockers, Angels, Automags, Sterlings and Sovereigns. All with the special Eclipse touches which make them so desirable 16 years later.

Shooting a Planet Eclipse Sovereign 1

In this quick video I shoot and show off a very nice Planet Eclipse modified Sovereign 1.