Southern Pneumatics

KC No Hot Shots Paintball Regulator and Southport Reg Disassembly Videos

I recorded this video a while back showing the disassembly and reassembly of a Southern Pneumatics Southport / KC...

Rebuilding KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan and Southport Regs

A look at a few Sheridan KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan RG-1 and Southern Pneumatic Southport Regulators broken down and what orings are used for the rebuild.

The Falcon Part 5: As pictured in PSI February, 1995

The February, 1995 issue of PSI features several photos of the mysterious cross between the Phoenix and the Montneel Z, known as the Falcon.

Phoenix as pictured in PSI June 1994

A new product article on the Southern Pneumatic's Phoenix paintball gun scanned from Paintball Sports International's June 1994 issue.

Shooting the Southern Pneumatics Phoenix c. 1994

A quick video shooting and mostly chopping paint in my Southern Pneumatics Phoenix Paintball Marker.

KC No Hot Shots Reg on a Phoenix

A KC No Hot Shots Regulator on a Southern Pneumatics Phoenix.

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots Regulator

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots regulator from Eric Scott with a Phantom Revolution seal sitting on top.

Southern Pneumatics Phoenix vs Falcon Inc. Falcon Switch

A comparison between the Southern Pneumatics Phoenix trigger switch and the Falcon Inc Falcon trigger switch.

Close up shot of Eric Scott’s prototype Phoenix

A left side breech photograph of Eric Scott's prototype Phoenix.

A prototype Southern Pneumatics Phoenix from Eric Scott

A Full left side shot of Eric Scott's prototype Phoenix.

The Falcon part 3

I believe parts for 20 Falcons were made but based on stories I have heard most Falcons besides the three were never assembled.

The Falcon Part 2

This picture shows (left to Right) Marcus Neeley, holding a black Falcon, Rob Fox holding a Blue Falcon and Rob's father, Tom Fox holding a Yellow Falcon.

Phoenix Cylinders…

A large bag of Southern Pneumatics Phoenix Rotating Breeches from Eric Scott.