Sniper 1

S.A.S. Highlanders at Conquest in Malibu, 1988

S.A.S. Highlanders team photo at Conquest in Malibu, c. 1988. Photos from the archives of Neno Jareb.

WGP Autococking Sniper 1 Serial Number 2

An eBay oddity, a Worr Game Products Sniper 1 with an Autococking kit on it turns out to be Sniper 1 serial number 2 with the Sat Cong Village sticker!

1987 Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, Bud Orr’s Personal Paintgun

Chuck Link closely examines Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, a gift he received from Bud in 2016. #21 was one of Bud's personal paintguns and a test marker for WGP.

A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Here are some classic pumps I had in northern California including Bushmasters, a Carter Comp and some WGP Snipers.

Modified Sliding Stock for WGP Tactical Sniper 2

A look at the sliding stock assembly off an MP5 mock up WGP Sniper 2 that has been modified to be used with more modern Sniper setups.

Mean Gene on the Slice Pump Kit from Autocockerparts

The Slice Pump Kit, from Autocockerparts, is a configurable kit that allows users to change lengths, colors and offers a super smooth pump stroke.

Bud Orr on the WGP Sniper 1 with with Robert Lane and Jeff Randall

Bud Orr talked with Robert Lane, Jeff Randall, Tim Firpo and I on Rob's Reversible Feed WGP Sniper 1 on September 21st 2014.

WGP Tommy Gun Sniper 1 Serial 71

A partially restored Worr Game Products Tommy Gun Sniper 1 with a CCM Thompson barrel. This combo looks fantastic and shoots great.

Mark Bragg’s 62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11

Mark Bragg sent photos of the serial on his 62 Caliber Sniper 1 over this week. The serial is "62 011."

WGP Sniper 1 serial 11 (and Sniper 1 R11)

A recent acquisition, Sniper 1 serial 11. The body is in horrible shape but the serial solves a puzzle I've been researching and still a neat Sniper 1!

WGP .62 Caliber Sniper 1 Breakdown and history

A video showing the disassembly of a 62 Caliber Sniper 1 barrel, bolt and back block. On the .62 caliber sniper 1 model, the barrel continues further in.

Early WGP Commando Body

An early WGP Commando body with some early WGP history from Bud Orr.

Contract Killer’s Aurora Inception Designs Kryptonite Sniper Pump

Here is an Aurora finish Inception Designs Kryptonite Sniper 2 build that Chris Corcino, of Contract Killer put together...

Stock Class Ranger and PBMax Sniper III

Two stock class loaners ready for So Cal Stock class, a stock class loaner ranger and stock class sniper 3.

Reversible Feed Sniper 1 Body R11

A close up look at a WGP Sniper 1 body with serial R11.

Russell Breeden Team Strange Mini Sniper

A super custom mini sniper built by Russell Breeden of the Doom Troopers and sold to Robert Peterson of Team Strange.

60 cal Sniper 1 barrel, bolt and breech alignment

A closer look at the barrel, bolt and breech alignment on a Worrgame products 60 caliber Sniper 1 pump.

A WGP 62 Caliber Sniper 1

A WGP 62 Caliber Sniper 1 assembled and with the bolt and barrel removed. This Sniper was made briefly in the late 80s for 62 caliber paint.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

Paintball History Display at Super Game 2013

The beginnings of the classic paintball history display we're setting up at Super Game 2013.