Sniper 2

Jole “Dead Man’s Hand” Karnivor Pump Handle

WGP Jeff Orr Mid Block Sniper pump handle with playing cards engraved. On instagram Bryan "ecapnation" Keeker commented that "These...

Getting ready Stock Class pumps for tomorrow’s New Years game

A batch of pumps that are ready to be shot in tomorrow's new years stock class game on December 27th!

Modified Sliding Stock for WGP Tactical Sniper 2

A look at the sliding stock assembly off an MP5 mock up WGP Sniper 2 that has been modified to be used with more modern Sniper setups.

Belsales Team Sniper 2 with Ric De La Cruz

Ric De La Cruz talks about a Belsales Sniper 2 that was modified for the WGP sponsored team, Bart's Stud Squad and some of the unique features on it.

Introduction of the WGP Sniper 2 – April 1990 is PSI

In late 1989 and early 1990 the WGP Sniper 2 was being rolled out as Worr Games latest marker as shown in these scans from April 1990 in PSI.

Shooting the 2k PbMax Stock Class Sniper 2

A video shooting a 12 gram through a stock class Sniper 2 with a neat body cut by Brad Nestle at Pbmax. Efficiency isn't very good.

Raw CCM Body Blank that uses a Standard Ball Detent

While producing S5 bodies for Jason Chiply, Bill Holstein produced a run of raw bodies that used angel threaded feednecks and standard ball detents.

Paul’s Carterized Stock Class Sniper 2

Paul shows off his Stock Class Sniper 2 that Earon Carter converted. Many small touch combined make this an awesome pump!

Price breakdown for Bob Fowlie’s 1990 Sniper 2 and Tricar

When I met with Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie of Brush Research Manufacturing last year he pulled out various patches and...

Foxhunters Brass Sniper 2 Auto Trigger

A Sniper 2 Auto Trigger kit sold by Foxhunters out of Castro Valley. This kit has "Fox" stamped on the brass sleeve which made it easy to identify.

Arlyn James’ Lever Action Sniper 2

Arlyn James shows off his custom Lever action Sniper 2 with a cocking mechanism he devised.

Mike Galvin’s rebuild Top Gun Sniper II

Mike Galvin's rebuilt engraved Top Gun Sniper 2 with a Thompson stock and a WGP pump changer.

Cooper-T Sniper 2 Imp Kit (Semi auto Sniper 2)

2012-8-24-sniper-imp-kit Stephen Loman asked me to post pictures of this Cooper T Sniper to blowback kit. I bought this 5 years ago from John Yeo at Pump Pandemonium, still in the box. The Top bolt is for a P-series and the bolt on the kit is for the Sniper 2.