Sat Cong Villge / SC Village

Paintball History at Decay of Nations 2018

This video shows our paintball history display at the Decay of Nations event at SC Village for 2018.

Green Bud Orr Signature Series Autococker

A look at one of the green rental versions of the engraved Bud Orr Signature Series Autocockers used at SC Village around 1994/95.

Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village

Andre and I played some UWL pump practice games on saturday January 7th at SC Village with The Foot Clan.

The CCM SSR First Strike Rifle with Timothy Kerigan

Timothy Kerigan shows off his brand new CCM SSR rifle, which is a bolt action rifle built at Chipley Custom Machine for shooting first strike paintballs.

Bud Orr on the WGP Sniper 1 with with Robert Lane and Jeff Randall

Bud Orr talked with Robert Lane, Jeff Randall, Tim Firpo and I on Rob's Reversible Feed WGP Sniper 1 on September 21st 2014.

Jimmy Li shows & his Carter Machine Box Gun

Jimmy Li, of CCPaintball, shows off his Carter Machine Box gun at SC Village.

Dragoon Autococker, Freeflow and a Palmer Pyre

A group of pumps laid out for the Meet Up Mech Warrior game. So Cal Stock and the Meet up group played a gun game.

Paintball Minigun at SC Village last weekend

A video of Rick Galinson's Paintball Minigun I recorded at S.C. Village on Sunday.

Speedball at SC Village and Splattball City in Detroit

Coverage of an early Speedball tournament at SC Village and a tournament at Splattball city in Detroit are covered in the March 1990 issue of Paintcheck.

Steve “Mongo” Brett and Ralph’s Killboys

Steve Brett, also known as Mongo, maker of the Redux Pistol, joined out so Cal Stock group at SC Village today and showed off a Ralph's Killboys patch.

Check It Store Wars / Broken Arrow and Cal Jam at SC Village

Sonny Phommarine sent me these photos of Check it Store Wars and Broken Arrow from the late 90s.

Conserve and Conquer / PaintballGateway / Tornado

Games at SC Village and another photo of the Palmer's Tornado.

SC Village Barrel Plug

Here is an SC Village barrel plug that Ryan and Devin brought over when they visited.

Sonny Phommarine and Team America

Sonny Phommarine of Broken Arrow and Team America at SC Village.

Conserve and Conquer at SC Village – February 17

Heading to Conserve and Conquer on Sunday at SC village. Good game for some stock class pistol, open class pump or limited paint with your cocker/mag.

SC Village ad Scan from APG October 1989

Another SC Village ad from the inside of the back cover of the October 1989 Action Pursuit Games. Field shots look awesome.

Sat Cong Village ad scan from APG November 1987

Here is an ad scan for Sat Cong Village from the November 1987 issue of APG.

Earon Carter on the early days of Sat Cong Village

Earon Carter, of Carter Machine talks about the past of Sat Cong Village, Steve Gunner Tetz, the Sat Cong Headhunters and his days with Stan Russell.

Hawaiian Shirt Day At Sc Village, a photo from Jerry Yandell Sr.

  Another photo from Jerry Yandell Sr. Jerry didn't remember which event this was but it's another good 90s shot. ┬áBack row...

Jerry Yandell & Dave Youngblood

Dave Youngblood Dehaan and Jerry Yandell stand beside each other at a National Guard Game at SC Village.