Charlie Masunaka’s Stock Class Modified WGP Ranger

A video with Kamikaze Shooters' player Charlie Masunaka on his customied Worr Game Products Ranger that has been modified to Stock Class.

Breaking down a Nelson Based WGP Ranger

In this series of videos I go over assembling and then breaking down a WGP Ranger and some of the modifications to parts.

Rick “Relliott” Elliott’s Stock Class Ghost #25 – Betty, c. 1994

A closer look at Rick "Relliot" Elliott's Lapco Stock Class Ghost, Betty, engraved with number 25. Likely made from 93-94 in San Diego.

Paul’s ”Circle Snubs” for Boxgun & Stock class Breech Drop Nelson builds

Paul Schreck, of Circle Paintball, has a few stainless breech drop nelson bodies available for purchase.  These are high...

Stock Class Ranger and PBMax Sniper III

Two stock class loaners ready for So Cal Stock class, a stock class loaner ranger and stock class sniper 3.

Slide frame on a Nelspot 007 by cutting down the Ranger Rail

A few cuts on a Ranger Rail to allow a slide trigger frame to work on a Nelspot 007 as well as a lapco back bottle.

Grizwald Stock Class WGP Ranger

A Stock Class WGP Ranger that I think may have been owned by a player on the team Grizwald.

The California Cobra, Commando, Ranger and Kodiak

A longer video showing the differences between different California Cobra, Kodiak, and Commando nelson based pumps.

WGP V1 Auto Nelson kit

Here is a side body shot of the WGP V1 auto nelson kit built for a Ranger or Line SI Bushmaster. This is not the more standard V2 Auto Trracer kit.

The California Cobra and The Commando

The California Cobra remains a mysterious classic paintgun pistol from the mid 80s. Supposedly never actually sold, these pistol have a neat history.

WGP’s Auto-Nelson and Line Si’s Automaster

Ross Alexander of Line SI and Bud Orr of Worr Game Products show off their semi automatic Automaster nelson conversions.