Parts Planet Eclipse Sterling with MDS Frame

An Eclipse Sterling modified by Planet Paintball out of the UK (which would become Planet Eclipse). Shown mocked up with an Marcus Davis Supplies frame.

Proline Automag 45 Frame with unique trigger c.1994

Proline released the Automag Auto Response frame for the Automag in 1994 along with the standard Automag 45 frame. This articles looks at one of the standard frames with a custom aluminum trigger.

2 Early G&H Stock Class Sterlings, one Carterized

Dale "Sugarstump" Price's stock class G&H Sterling is convertible between rock forward or rock back and Fernando Castillo classic rock forward Sterling.

Breaking down two Sovereign LPRs (Low Pressure Regulators)

I broke down two Sovereign LPRs to look at the internals, find compatible seals and compare them.

Rob Shaffer’s 1994 Bob Long Signature Series Autococker

Rob Shaffer gave me permission to post these photos of a 1994 Bob Long Signatures Series Autococker with serial 19574 and all matched accessories.

An empty Eclipse Sterling body, awaiting a rebuild

An Eclipse Sterling I found a couple years back. The rest of the gun was stock so I parted it out and am looking for better parts.

Robert Turner, his Camo Minimag, the MSPA and NAPRA

Rob Turner's Paintball History from 1991-1995, including his camo Airgun Designs Minimag, Splat 1, Napra MSPA and more.

Automag Auto Response Frame Trigger and Sear

The internals removed from a Gun F/X or Proline Airgun Designs Automag Auto Response.

Auto Sterling article c.95 from French ‘Paintball Mag’

A new products article about the Auto Sterling reshot from a 1995 French Magazine, Paintball Mag. Possible the only published photos of the Auto Sterling?

Chrome Minicocker with Smart Parts 45 frame

A nice looking Chrome Minicocker with some unique parts such as a Smart Parts engraved 45 frame.

Skeeter Gordy and Laser Dynamics

Skeeter Gordy and his Laser Dynamics trailer as pictured in the May 1996 issue of Action Pursuit Games. Gordy was also associated with Proline.