Paintball Mask

Great Western Series Tournament Flag from 1997

The Great Western Series was run throughout the 1990s by Russell Maynard. This flag dates to 1997 and lists a variety of sponsors.

JT USA Racing pants cut down to shorts c. 1990?

A neat pair of bright blue JT USA Racing pants that have been cut down to shorts and fit perfectly.

TAPS – The Adventure Palace and Stadium patch – c.1989?

A patch for Bill Bowers Indoor field, Taps, the Adventure Palace and Stadium in Santa Clara.

Idema Combat Supplies Mask to Belt Clip

Eric, aka "Maverick," of identified an Idema accessory as an Idema Mask clip which is used to hold a mask to a players belt.

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

An interview segment filmed in 1992 at Paintball Hill's Store Wars game with Darryl Trent of the Ironmen and a relevant team photo, scans and patches.

Shooting the Redux Stock Class Pistol

An overview of the Redux Stock Class Pistol, designed by Steve Mongo Brett, as a modern DD-68 Desert Duck pistol, and Ron Kilbourne's Tiger Stripe vest.

Brahim “Brian” Estephan’s 1996 Ironmen Jt Jersey

Paul Schreck showed me this jersey that Brahim Estephan wore in the 1996 ESPN World Championships.

Vents’ Head Armor c. mid 1990s?

Two sets of vintage Vents' Head Armor from the mid 1990s. These attack to the top of a Vents mask.

1994 JT Spectra ad in June Paintball Sport International

An early ad for the JT Spectra series of masks, scanned from the June 1994 issue of Paintball Sports International shows the Spectra with extra nose holes.

Vents Neoprene Drink Coasters

Two Vents drink coasters from the early 1990s.

FEC mask video by Joe Kimpson of Flag Raiders

Joe Kimpson of Flag Raiders Paintball in Canada shows off the FEC mask that he designed in the late 80.

Joe Kimpson, of Flag Raiders on the AGH 7

Joe Kimpson of Flag Raiders shows off a neat mask, the AGH 7.

Stephen Blair’s Bushwacker Shirt (c.1989)

Stephen Blair showed off some of his classic Bushwacker gear including this awesome Wacker shirt.

Classic JT Arm Bands

JT Arm Bands? Got a bunch of these somewhere, will be listing a couple in a few weeks.

Prototype, Sample, or early 1994 JT Spectra Mask

Anyone recognize this style of Spectra? The holes in the mouth guard are large and nose holes?