Paintball Magazine

Introduction of the WGP Sniper 2 – April 1990 is PSI

In late 1989 and early 1990 the WGP Sniper 2 was being rolled out as Worr Games latest marker as shown in these scans from April 1990 in PSI.

Cyber 9000 Ad in the PSI World Cup 1997 Program

An ad for PVI that was printed in the back of the 1997 NPPL World Cup program explains PVI's split with Smart Parts and the upcoming Cyber 9000 paintgun.

The First Generation Kingman Choker Screw Spyder

One of the earliest models of the Kingman Spyder featured a choker screw to limit the air flow from the valve.

Identifying the Ironmen in the January 1988 issue of Front Line

Mike Baird, Rick Cendejas and Michael Leon identify Ironmen players in the January 1988 issue of Front Line Magazine.

Joe Comstock, of Havok and GBD, on Tactics – Air Pistol Combat

Joe Comstock explains photos of Tactics - Air Pistol Combat that were printed in the premiere issue of Action Pursuit Games.

OMMS 007 Knurled pump handle ad and Jack Wada’s Nelspot Pistols

Jack Wada's remembers the history on the OMMS 007 knurled pump handle and an advertisement from the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Paintball Hill, Field of the Year – Paintcheck – May 1992

Gary Bennett's Paintball Hill, in Northern California, was awarded Paintcheck's field of the year in '92 for operation and attendance.

I spoke with Colin Thompson, of Lapco…

I had the opportunity to talk with Colin Thompson, of Lapco, on the phone yesterday. Colin has always been someone I wanted to question!

Excaliber League conference – Jan ’91 Paintcheck

Paintball field owners from across the country meet to discuss the Excaliber League in an article scanned from the January 1991 issue of Paintcheck Magazine.

Phoenix as pictured in PSI June 1994

A new product article on the Southern Pneumatic's Phoenix paintball gun scanned from Paintball Sports International's June 1994 issue.

Scorpion Elite, pictured in PSI June 1991

A new products write up for the Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Elite, which was the second model inline blowback by PSI, similar to the 68 Special.

1994 JT Spectra ad in June Paintball Sport International

An early ad for the JT Spectra series of masks, scanned from the June 1994 issue of Paintball Sports International shows the Spectra with extra nose holes.

Youngblood – Paintcheck Hall of Fame – May 1990

Dave "Youngblood" DeHaan, with his long barrel Carter Comp, is featured as player of the year in the Hall of Fame issue of Paintcheck, May 1990.

Scan on the PPS Rock – 2/93 from PSI

Introduction of the Palmer's Pursuit Shop Rock Regulator scanned from Paintball Sports International February 1993.

SC Village ad Scan from APG October 1989

Another SC Village ad from the inside of the back cover of the October 1989 Action Pursuit Games. Field shots look awesome.

Scan from the Skirmish Pursuit P.B.G.A National Tournament

This scan shows the ad for the tournament the Widowmakers played it, the Skirmish Pursuit P.B.G.A National Tournament. It's scanned...

History on the South Bay Arms / Mac-1 Elevator Gun (part 1 of 6)

Over the last 6 months I have been digging up information on a limited production pump paintball gun that dates back to the roots of Southern California Paintball. The gun has several names, the Elevator Gun, the Master Blaster and the Blast Master. Although it isn't the first paintgun to use an elevator system to load the paintball into the breech (AGA 62 predates this design by around a year) it is a very early pump, built off a pellet gun platform that is one of the first (or at least very early) collaborations between respected Southern California Airsmiths Tim McMurray of McMurray and Sons (Mac-1), Earon Carter and Stan Russell, both of South Bay Arms and likely constructed late 1985-early 1986.

Unique paintguns Hornet Ad, Oct. 1989 Paintcheck

A scan from the October 1989 issue of Paintcheck showing Paul Vasquez' Hornet.

The Bushmen and their Camo, PDF, scanned from November 1987 APG

Here is the pdf for the Bushmen article from the November 1987 Action Pursuit Games.  This article shows Sheldon...

Sheldon and his Ghille suit

On December 1st when we played at Hollywood Sports, Jack Wada was talking about how Sheldon Nishida, of the...