Paintball Loaders

Stainless Long Barrel Nelson – c.1988?

These unknown long barrel stainless Nelson based pumps likely date from the late 1980s and features a combination of stock and modified parts. The stainless steel bodies are nicely constructed.

Vintage Motorized USI Paintball Loader

A look at the motorized loader that Eddie Dovner and USI marketed in the early to mid 1990s. The motor assembly is nearly identical to Viewloader's VL2000.

Ammo Boxes for SoCal Stock’s upcoming Ammo Box Game

A variety of WGP Ammo Boxes for So Cal Stock's upcoming Ammo Box Game this weekend at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore.

The E-Tron 130rd Spin Loader c. 2000

A look at one of the most bizarre paintball loaders I've come across, the E-Tron 130 Spin Loader from around 2000.

Uk Autofeed Loader shells in Blue and Yellow

A look at the UK Autofeed loader shells that I just received in the mail. These shells are blue and yellow and date to the mid 1990s.

Two early injection molded Nasty Boys Loaders c.1989-93

A look at two Nasty Boys Paintball Loaders which date to the late 1980s and early 1990s. One style is unbranded and the other was likely produced by APP.

Cobra LCD Angel with Single Trigger c. 2001

Christian Van Horn shows off a totally top of the line (c. 2000) Cobra LCD Angel with a single trigger and a purple to black fade.

WGP Ammo Box Neoprene Cover

Here is a quick video that shows a neoprene cover for a Worr Game Products Ammo Box 1. This cover slipped on from the bottom and might have included a lid.

The Prototype National Survival Games Rapide – c.1988

Fitting the features of the National Survival Games Rapide into Paintball culture of the late 1980s and how it succeeded as a follow up to the Splatmaster.

Timeline on pnueVentures’ activity in paintball and the Cyber 9000

pneuVentures' Shocker was the first mass produced production paintball marker available. PVI later prototyped the Cyber 9000, but it never make the market.

Phantom Revolution Break Down with Devin

Breaking down a Phantom Revolution with Devin Riker and an explanation on the adjustment and function. This Revolution was purchased new from CCI.

Opening of Paintball Connection in 1989

A scan from December 1989 on the opening of Paintball Connection and several NW/Carter framed Ghost from later 1988 to 1989.

WGP Tommy Gun Sniper 1 Serial 71

A partially restored Worr Game Products Tommy Gun Sniper 1 with a CCM Thompson barrel. This combo looks fantastic and shoots great.

Viewloader Revolution Board Identification

A comparison between various Viewloader Revolution Boards, including X-boards, 12 volt Revolution boards and more.

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots Regulator

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots regulator from Eric Scott with a Phantom Revolution seal sitting on top.

Bob Fowlie on the Mexican Gatling Gun

Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie talks about an early hopper design he and his machinist came up with, the Mexican Gatling Gun.

A few unique WGP Ammo Box 2 loaders

Here are two WGP Ammo Box 2s. These Ammo Box 2s are notorious for cracking and breaking apart because of the brittle exterior plastic.