Great Western Series Tournament Flag from 1997

The Great Western Series was run throughout the 1990s by Russell Maynard. This flag dates to 1997 and lists a variety of sponsors.

The First Generation Kingman Choker Screw Spyder

One of the earliest models of the Kingman Spyder featured a choker screw to limit the air flow from the valve.

Spyder Classic Bolt to Hammer pin dimensions

Measurements of a Kingman spyder classic bolt to hammer connecting pin compared to a 32 degrees Rebel bolt to hammer connecting pin.

Kingman Spyder Cup 2000

A classic video of the Kingman Spyder Cup 2000. This event pitted pro against am against professional football player. All competing with classic spyders.

A first generation Spyder

A closer look at the unique feature that separates a first generation Kingman Spyder from other models, the choker screw.