Kamikaze Shooters - Team

Charlie Masunaka’s Stock Class Modified WGP Ranger

A video with Kamikaze Shooters' player Charlie Masunaka on his customied Worr Game Products Ranger that has been modified to Stock Class.

Stanley Russell custom Nelson Rail Gun c.1987-88 with Jack Wada

Jack Wada, of the Kamikaze Shooters, talks about his custom undercocking and hard chromed Nelson based Rail gun, built by Stanley Russell in the late 1980s.

Thunder Pig Springs and Things T-Shirt with Ted “Two Guns” Hines

Ted "Two Gun" Hines talks about a Thunder Pig Springs and Things T-shirt that he purchased from the Carter Machine Shop in late 1990 or early 1991.

Ted “2 Gunz” Hines’ Tidy Bowl Annihilator

Ted "2 Gunz" Hines talks a little about a radical short barrel Annihilator, actually referred to as a Tidy Bowl by Earon Carter and the Kamikaze shooters.

OMMS 007 Knurled pump handle ad and Jack Wada’s Nelspot Pistols

Jack Wada's remembers the history on the OMMS 007 knurled pump handle and an advertisement from the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Derrick Obatake’s Nelspot 007 Rail Gun

Two videos looking at and analyzing parts and the the configuration of Derrick Obatake's Nelspot 007 Rail Gun.

Jack Wada receives a new Carter Machine Box Gun

In this longer video, we get to see the excitement on Jack Wada's face when his kids present him with a brand new Carter Machine Box gun!

So Cal Stock at Jungle Island for Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday

So Cal Stock ventures to Jungle Island and celebrates Kamikaze Shooter, Jack Wada's Birthday with some action packed Stock Class Games.

Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday Game group shot!

A fantastic group photo of Jack Wada's suprise birthday party at Jungle Island with the Southern California Stock Group.

Speedball at SC Village and Splattball City in Detroit

Coverage of an early Speedball tournament at SC Village and a tournament at Splattball city in Detroit are covered in the March 1990 issue of Paintcheck.

Tim Stone Grips on a Line Si Bushmaster

A unique Bushmaster I picked up a while back with very nice wood Tim Stone Grips.

Jack Wada remembers Gale Gough’s Aerostar West Shop

Jack Wada remembers Aerostar West's store in Southern California and so cal paintball history.

The Bushmen and their Camo, PDF, scanned from November 1987 APG

Here is the pdf for the Bushmen article from the November 1987 Action Pursuit Games.  This article shows Sheldon...

Sheldon and his Ghille suit

On December 1st when we played at Hollywood Sports, Jack Wada was talking about how Sheldon Nishida, of the...

Hawaiian Shirt Day At Sc Village, a photo from Jerry Yandell Sr.

  Another photo from Jerry Yandell Sr. Jerry didn't remember which event this was but it's another good 90s shot.  Back row...

Steel Flame Cancer Kill Box Patch from Derrick Obatake

Derrick Obatake of the Kamikaze Shooters, LA Hitmen and Steel Flame was a huge sponsor of the Itaintchemo event...

Spare Cal Ordnance Mercenary Parts and Ted Yoshimura

A Cal Ordnance Mercenary Front Sight and top sight rail that I purchased off ebay many years ago. Still new!

Jack Wada and his Race Gun (Box Gun Hybrid)

Jack Wada proudly displays what he calls his Race Gun. A Box Gun type nelson pump put together from a few different sources.

Nelspot 007 with Cal Ordnance Mods ( knurled pump handle )…

A hard to find Knurled pump handle for a nelspot 007 was actually not created by Cal Ordnance.