Jim Lively

Pioneering The Sport of Paintball…The History of PMI

Jeff Perlmutter, Co-Founder & President of Pursuit Marketing, Inc. on pioneering the Sport of Paintball in the 1980s and the History of PMI.

Jim Lively and Sam Caldwell try the Survival Game c.1982

Left to right: Jim Lively, Sam Caldwell, Brad Clark and Kent Meadows, photo credit Jim Lively, c.1982

Michael Karman remembers Doc James Outdoor Games

Michael Karmen talks about Doc James Outdoor Games, which was located in Illinois and run by Green Beret and Medic Doc James during the 1980s.

Stanley Russell’s Widowmakers patch

Stanley Russell brought this Widowmakers patch over to show me. The Widowmakers were likely the South Bay Arms factory team.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Team Tiger Stripe Shirt from Tim Schloss

Here is a neat cartoon Team Tiger Stripe T shirt that Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products sent me after I helped him reunite with his stolen bushmaster.

11th Annual Music City Open Shirt (.95?)

Chuck Link Refereed at the 11th Annual Music City Open and hung onto this classic shirt.

10th Annual Lively Music City Open Shirt

A shirt I received from Chuck Link from Jim Lively's Music City open.

Interview with Jim Lively by Niteshadow1

Niteshadow1 interviews Jim Lively about Paintball History, the Splatmaster, The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship fund and more.

Carter Machine Widowmakers and the Termite Gun

A team photo of the Carter Machine Widowmakers that I re photographed off the floor of Earon Carter's shop.