Lords of Discipline patch for an Idema Vest

A neat patch that was likely embroidered by Idema and meant for the back of an Idema Vest for the PMI sponsored Lords of Discipline.

Started filming a few videos shooting misc paintguns today

A table of misc paintguns and equipment that I'm preparing for videos tomorrow.

Idema Combat Supplies Mask to Belt Clip

Eric, aka "Maverick," of identified an Idema accessory as an Idema Mask clip which is used to hold a mask to a players belt.

UK Ads for Idema Combat Systems Vests

Two ad flyers for Idema Combat Systems Vests and custom tailored modifications. Idema vests were popular with paintballs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Idema presents the Sargie awards – Jan 1991 PSI

Keith Idema presented the Sargie awards as an alternative to the standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in honor of his Mongolian Tibetan Shephard, Sargie.

Gramps & Grizzly KBS Eliminator from Mac 1

Here is a better pictures of the KBS Eliminator that was on the shelf at Mac 1 on top of Mike ''Grizzly'' Grubb's Idema vest (edit: the vest was in my closet not at Mac 1).

”Paintball Museum of History” at Top Gun Paintball

A photo from Mike Galvin Jr shows the wall of paintguns at Top Gun Paintball in the Early 1990s.

Bud Orr’s Idema Vest at Top Gun Paintball, NJ

Bud Orr's Idema vest which is shown hanging up at Top Gun Paintball in New Jersey.

Shore Patrol Patch, Top Gun Paintball, NJ

A Shore patrol Team patch that Mike Galvin sent me a photo of. Shore Patrol's hole field was Top Gun Paintball, NJ.