Gang Green

J-Mark Pump Paintball Gun disassembled

A look at the pump paintgun that resulted from the collaboration of Marcus Neely and Jim Masse, known as the J-Mark, a nelson based Bushmaster clone.

1991 PMI / RPS North American Paintball Championships final ranks

A list of rankings from the finals of the 1991 North American Paintball Championships. The PMI Piranhas and the Lords of Discipline took home the gold and silver.

Montneel, Gang Green and Bullseye

Some of the history behind Montneel and Gang Green and their relationship with George Stradler of Bullseye paintballs.

Dave Alberts, and other team members of Gang Green

A photo of Dave Alberts, of Eastern Massachusetts Paintball, scanned from Paintball Sports Magazine, August 1989 and other Gang Green team members.

Gang Green Team Photo and Marcus Neely

A team photo of Gang Green from APG and some history on their captain, Marcus Neely.

Initials on a Gang Green Bushmaster Receiver

Doug Hallenbrook sent me photo of the initials, DD, likely Doc Davies, stamped in the receiver of his Gang Green Line SI Bushmaster.

Line SI Gang Green Bushmaster

A Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe engraved for Gang Green.

George Statler, Marcus Neely, the Icon and Bullseye

A little history on George Statler's Bulleye paintball and Marcus Neely's Checkmate and Icon Zs