Danny Guardado

Adventure Game Supplies Comp Nelson c. 1988-89

In this quick video I look at an Adventure Game Supplies Comp Pump. This was AGS' high end pump option...

Southern Comfort Paintball and the Colonel, Los Angeles, CA, c.1985

An advertisement for Southern Comfort paintball, from the August, 1987 issue of Frontline, and some of the other relevant information from interviews.

Danny Guardado of The Mafia, California Bushmaster and AGS

Danny Guardado of the California Bushmaster, Mafia and Airsmith at Adventure Games Supplies tells his story about Northern LA County Paintball History.

Danny Guardado in the December 1990 PSI Issue

Danny Guardado, pictured at the Bay City Open in 1990. Article scanned from the December 1990 issue of Paintball Sports International.

The California Bushmasters at the Lone Star Open 1991

Here is a photo of the California Bushmasters at the Lively Series Lone Star Open 1991. I do not know the source of this photo.

A better quality Mafia Team Photo

Here is a better quality photo of the Mafia team photograph which Tuty Hernandez, Gilly and Danny shared with me at our Stock Game.

Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday Game group shot!

A fantastic group photo of Jack Wada's suprise birthday party at Jungle Island with the Southern California Stock Group.

John Barber, of Who are Those Guys, pictured in APG May ’96

Holding his Frank Postle Frank Gun, and wearing his Who are Those Guys and That Gal Mercenary Servive Tiger Stripe Camouflage.

Danny Guardado’s AGS name tag

Danny Guardado's Adventure Game Supplies (AGS) name tag from the late 80s/early 90s.

AGS Comp gun ad from Sept 1989 APG

An Adventure Game Supplies ad for the AGS comp gun, scanned from the September 1989 issue of APG.

David Craig and the Landshark

David Craig of Adventure Game Supplies shows off his Landshark pump. AGS Airsmith, Danny Guardado, remembers back to Taso and AGS and offers some insight.

Southern California Mafia Team Photo

A team photo of the Southern California Mafia sent to me by Gilbert Martinez.

The VerbeekOlater Nelson Pump Paintgun

Danny Guardado and Gilbert Martinez identify an unknown pump as the VerbeekOlater and start me on the "Quest" for more information on Tony and Ron Verbeek.

Danny Guardado’s Line SI Factory Team Bushmaster

Danny Guardado's Line SI Factory Engraved Bushmaster Deluxe from SPEW 2013.

Gilly and Danny of the California Bushmasters

Gilly and Danny talk about the VerbeekOlater nelson based pump that was used by Sudden Death and their time on the California Bushmasters.

Adventure Game Supplies Comp gun (c.1988-1989)

An Earthtone Adventure Game Supplies comp gun I picked up with the help of Woouulf.