Bud Orr

Jole “Dead Man’s Hand” Karnivor Pump Handle

WGP Jeff Orr Mid Block Sniper pump handle with playing cards engraved. On instagram Bryan "ecapnation" Keeker commented that "These...

Possible Custom Jeff Orr Minicocker c.1995-96

A look at what I believe is a custom Jeff Orr Minicocker that was likely machine in the mid 1990s and then re built with updated components around 2000.

Dissecting a 1999 Mini STO Breakdown – serial 5759

As I parted out this WGP 1999 Mini STO I took photos of piece of the pieces so I could eventually re assemble them on another Autococker / Minicocker body.

Green Bud Orr Signature Series Autococker

A look at one of the green rental versions of the engraved Bud Orr Signature Series Autocockers used at SC Village around 1994/95.

Great Western Series Tournament Flag from 1997

The Great Western Series was run throughout the 1990s by Russell Maynard. This flag dates to 1997 and lists a variety of sponsors.

WGP Autococking Sniper 1 Serial Number 2

An eBay oddity, a Worr Game Products Sniper 1 with an Autococking kit on it turns out to be Sniper 1 serial number 2 with the Sat Cong Village sticker!

SoCal Stock at Jungle Island for Brent’s Going Away Game July 2017

Watch 20 minutes of action as SoCal Stock plays stock class, modified stock and open class pump Paintball at Jungle Island on July 1st, 2017.

1987 Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, Bud Orr’s Personal Paintgun

Chuck Link closely examines Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, a gift he received from Bud in 2016. #21 was one of Bud's personal paintguns and a test marker for WGP.

Darryl Trent’s 1991 Ironmen Autococker

A look at a unique Ironmen Autococker engraved for Darryl Trent and retracing this Autococker's competitive paintball history around the globe.

Ammo Boxes for SoCal Stock’s upcoming Ammo Box Game

A variety of WGP Ammo Boxes for So Cal Stock's upcoming Ammo Box Game this weekend at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore.

WGP 1999 Mini STO Autococker with a P Block

A look at a 1999 Mini STO Minicocker with a red to black splash and P block. This Autococker was purchased from a local seller and has STO pneumatics.

Rail, frame, Asa and partial pneumatic kit for Auto Trracer

Most of the semi Pneumatic components that are needed to turn a PMI pump Trracer into a Semi Automatic.

A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Here are some classic pumps I had in northern California including Bushmasters, a Carter Comp and some WGP Snipers.

Frank and Hayden Figerell, of Navarone

Frank Figerell, and his son Hayden, talk about Navarone and show off there impressive Navarone Autococker and Minicocker.

Background display for a video with Stanley Russell

This display wall shows a variety of paintguns from the 1980s that Machinist and Welder Stanley Russell was involved in creating.

Modified Sliding Stock for WGP Tactical Sniper 2

A look at the sliding stock assembly off an MP5 mock up WGP Sniper 2 that has been modified to be used with more modern Sniper setups.

WGP Ammo Box Neoprene Cover

Here is a quick video that shows a neoprene cover for a Worr Game Products Ammo Box 1. This cover slipped on from the bottom and might have included a lid.

WGP Prototype Mini Rams?

Autococker Rams, including a CCM Ram and a few WGP Prototype Rams. These likely came from WGP and are not completed. I don't even know if they are WGP.

Breaking down a Nelson Based WGP Ranger

In this series of videos I go over assembling and then breaking down a WGP Ranger and some of the modifications to parts.

Mismatched Eclipse Pro Series Autococker sold by WGP c. 2005?

An Eclipse Pro Series Autococker, made of mismatched parts that I purchased locally in September 2015. The seller originally purchase it from WGP as a mech.