Benji Silverstein

FreeFlow Rhythm Body without a Detent

The first few FreeFlow Rhythm Autocockers were machined without detents and this example was recently found by Benji Silverstein. With the help of Buddy Baur we learned some of the history on these bodies.

TnC Products’ Lightning Autococker Body c.2002

TnC Products produced the Lightning Autococker body around 2002. Chris Ogaz estimates very few of these bodies were machined and the two we have seen have small differences.

Oh Mag Minimag by Oh Pawlak of Predator Paintball c.1996

Benji's Splash Oh Mag AGD Minimag by Oh Pawlak and a scan from the December 1996 Action Pursuit Games showing an Oh Mag ad.

PBDA Episode 5 – Ambush, sock hats, paintball rap

Episode 5 of PBDA (Paul, Benji, Dan and Andre) where we talk about vintage autocockers, listen to Benji's Paintball Rap, and wear sock hats!

Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village

Andre and I played some UWL pump practice games on saturday January 7th at SC Village with The Foot Clan.

Splat Attack Revenge V1 SA03RE

Benji and I look over a Splat Attack Revenge V1 Autococker, with the serial SA03RE.

Para Ordnance Mod 85 – a Primer Powered Paintball Pistol

A quick look at the Para Ordnance Mod 85 Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic paintball pistol, built in 1985.

Stock Class Carter Comp from the early 1990s

A really beautiful Stock Class Carter Comp from the early 1990s that Benji showed me a few weeks back. In this video we look over this Comp's features.

Pro-Team Products VMX Kit Quick Strip

The process of quick stripping a VMX kit for the VM-68 produced by Pro-Team Products. This kit is anodized purple and features stock internals.

Custom Hyperframe AGD Automag

A beautiful totally custom Hyperframe setup for an Airgun Designs Automag, which has receiver, battery pack, asa and drop combined.

Counterfeit Micromag, from Bulgaria?

This Micromag likely originated from one of Francois Louvet's companies and have several differences from PTP's Micromags including standard ball detents.

So Cal Stock at Jungle Island for Jan 2015 12 gram challenge

Sonny's Super Stars played Bacci's Bad Boys at Jungle Island on 1-10-2015 for a 12 gram challenge match. 38 players total and we recorded a rad video!

OTP and Circle Autococker thread barrels

A neat Circle Autococker barrel next to an OTP barrel. Both barrels were made by OTP.

Chrome Minicocker with Smart Parts 45 frame

A nice looking Chrome Minicocker with some unique parts such as a Smart Parts engraved 45 frame.

Spew 2013 group photo / video

Our group photo from Spew 2013 showing out 40-50 player group that joined for the 3rd years event.