Viewloader Jersey with flame pattern, c.1998/99

This Viewloader jersey with white and grey flame pattern likely dates to around the time Viewloader was purchased by Brass Eagle in the late 1990s.

Vintage Motorized USI Paintball Loader

A look at the motorized loader that Eddie Dovner and USI marketed in the early to mid 1990s. The motor assembly is nearly identical to Viewloader's VL2000.

The E-Tron 130rd Spin Loader c. 2000

A look at one of the most bizarre paintball loaders I've come across, the E-Tron 130 Spin Loader from around 2000.

Uk Autofeed Loader shells in Blue and Yellow

A look at the UK Autofeed loader shells that I just received in the mail. These shells are blue and yellow and date to the mid 1990s.

Modifying a Viewloader VL-90 hopper to withstand pump play

This tutorial shows a few easy modifications to modernize and overcome the flaws of a Viewloader VL-90 hopper. With these simple mods the vl-90 works great!

Primal Impulse Purple 18V Viewloader Shredder

A purple shell Viewloader Shredder 18v with a cool Primal Impulse sticker on it.

Viewloader Revolution Board Identification

A comparison between various Viewloader Revolution Boards, including X-boards, 12 volt Revolution boards and more.

VL-2000 Leif Leather Hopper cover

One of the neatest hopper cover I've seen was this Leif Leather VL-2000 Leather Hopper cover Craig Palmer showed us at Palmer's Pursuit Shop.

Alex Vu’s Viewloader VL90 Mod

Here is a great mod Alex "Taco" Vu did to his VL-90.

Fixing a classic vl-90 loader

Switched motors and changed some gears to get a modern Impeller working in my VL-90 Revy.

VL-90 for Youngblood’s Ironmen Autococker

Here is a VL-90 for Youngblood's Ironmen Autococker Found in Guerneville last week.Trying to get it to work for this weekend at SCV. Cockers vs mags!