TnC Products

Unknown Autococker body w/ Wire Detent and Eye Ridge

An unidentified WGP Autococker body that was machined with an Eblade eye cover ridge and has an NW Feedneck.

TnC Products’ Rounded Body, prior to the Jackal RDL

Here is a TnC Products' Rounded Blank prior to Jackal RDL (TnC Version).

FBM Gothic Cocker Body with Tubes

This video offers a closer look at a FBM Gothic Autococker body machined by Chris Ogaz at TnC Products and Ogaz Enterprises.

TnC Products’ Green Bubble Body Autococker c.2002

Overview of a Green Bubble Body Autococker by TnC Products out of Ontario California. This kit was not mass produced and I would estimate it dates to 2002.

“Shark” Custom Milled Autococker – TnC Products c. 1999

A look at an early Ogaz Enterprises Autococker machined from a stock WGP body with Shark engraved on the side. Chris Ogaz began machining Autocockers for Spanky around 1998 or 1999 and this was likely one of the early examples.

TnC Products / FBM Hinge Frame V2

One of the most outlandish Autococker frames available was without a doubt the second version of the FBM Hinge. This swing frame was machined by Chris Ogaz at TnC Products / Ogaz Enterprises.

FBM Apache Lightning Autococker Body

The FBM Apache Autococker was likely machined in house and this variation featured FBM's lightning laser engraving, similar to the thunderstruck anodizing.

TnC Products’ Lightning Autococker Body c.2002

TnC Products produced the Lightning Autococker body around 2002. Chris Ogaz estimates very few of these bodies were machined and the two we have seen have small differences.

TnC Products Smooth Body – similar to Jackal RDL (pre Sergey)

This Autococker body came raw from Chris Ogaz at TnC Products / Ogaz Enterprises. Paul Schreck had it anodized...

FBM Tubed Gothic Autococker Body machined by Chris Ogaz at TNC

A quick overview of an FBM Gothic body that take the upper and lower tube inserts. This came from Chris Ogaz who machined it for FBM.