Tim McMurray

Paintball Tek demonstrates Reverse pump on the Master Blaster

Tim at Paintball Tek shows how the reverse pump action on the Elevator Master Blaster pump paintgun works.

Stanley Russell’s Master Blaster Elevator Gun c. 1985

This was the 1st Master Blaster pistol manufactured by Stanley Russell and Earon Carter off of Crosman Mark 1 Pellet Pistols provided by Tim at Mac 1.

Mac 1 Dual 12 gram plug for K1 or K2 sheridan paintball rifle

A closer look at the production model that Mac 1 produced of the Dual 12 gram plug for Sheridan rifles including the K rifle and K1.

Background display for a video with Stanley Russell

This display wall shows a variety of paintguns from the 1980s that Machinist and Welder Stanley Russell was involved in creating.

Sheridan Dual 12 Gram Piercer Prototype

A dual 12 gram piercing assembly that came from Tim at Mac 1 Airguns. This piece screws into the lower tube and allows two 12 grams to be used.

Pursuit Marketing, Inc. Ad for c. 1986 Sheridan pumps Front Line

A look at the 1986 Sheridan pumps that were being offered by Pursuit Marketing, Inc. from an advertisement printed in the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Tosh Tanaka’s MK1 Mac 1 Annihilator c.1989

The second of three videos with Tosh Tanaka on his MK1 Mac 1 Annihilator, purchased new from McMurray in 1989.

Tosh Tanaka and his Mac 1 Annihilators

Over the summer I purchased two Mac 1 Annihilators from Tosh Tanaka. A Palmerized Stroker Stan Russell Annihilator semi and a Mac 1 pump MK 1 Annihilator.

Tim McMurray’s Short Barrel Master Blaster / Elevator Gun

Tim McMurray's short barrel Master Blaster barrel assembly, which he found last week when cleaning his shop in Gardena California.

The Pump Twist Dual, by Mac 1

One of Mac 1's earliest paintball projects, the Pump Twist Dual, was a Sheridan rifle with a couple unusual modifications, dual 12 grams and a rotated body.

1st Generation Annihilator Rifle owned by RTP

An early Stan Russell 1st Generation Annihilator Rifle built for Tim McMurray at Mac 1. This rifle dates to 86-87.

Tim McMurray on Mac 1’s Benchrest Rifle – US FT Air Rifle

In this video Tim McMurray shows off Mac 1's current custom offering, the Benchrest Rifle, the US FT Air Rifle.

Tim McMurray on Barrel length vs valve volume

In this video Tim McMurray discusses barrel length vs valve volume.

Mac 1 early paintball Chronology

Dan talks about Mac 1's early paintball history and the various progression with contract work for Sheridan.

Tim McMurray on Stan Russell, the Delrin pump & more

Tim McMurray on working with Stanley Russell, creating the Delrin pump handle and the long K series rifle.

Tim McMurray on the Mac 1 Avenger

Tim McMurray analyzes a Mac 1 Avenger and tell a little of Mac 1s Paintball History.

Tim McMurray on the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun

In this video Tim McMurray talks about his involvement with Stan Russell and Earon Carter in the development of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun.

How to apply your Mac 1 Patch

Here is a super short video Tim McMurray and I recorded on how to apply his Mac 1 Patches....

KBS Eliminator on the shelf at Mac 1 Airguns

Several photos of a KBS Eliminator I discovered on the shelf of Mac 1 Airguns. One of Gramp's and Grizzly's first creations, this was an amazing find!

Function and Features of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun (part 3 of 6)

In the third installment of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun series I take a closer look at operating this reverse pump action. There is a clear shot of the elevator raising and lowering and how a 12 gram is loaded upside down.