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1st Generation Annihilator Rifle owned by RTP

Here’s a 1st generation Annihilator Rifle that went though several owners before I found it. One of those owners was “Rick the Prick” of Paintball Pro Shop, maker of the Sheridan based Stainless steel barreled Viper pump. I believe Rick was the one to apply the urban camo paint job to the stock.

1st generation Annihilator Rifle
An early 1st Generation Annihilator Rifle. Likely from 1986.

I had been looking for an early first generation Annihilator rifle (with the proprietary bolt) for a while but the neat thing about this particular rifle is that it is engraved on each side of the sight rail.

Left side of engraved sight rail
Left side engraving reads, “Custom Airguns by McMurray and Sons”

One side says, “Custom Airguns by McMurray and Sons” and the other side is engraved “Custom Made by Stan Russell.”

Right side of 1st generation Annihilator Rifle sight rail.
Right side of sight rail reads, custom made by Stan Russell.

The base for this conversion was also a 5mm pellet rifle and as you can see in the photo, this rifle is setup for dual 12 grams.

Annihilator Rifle dual 12 gram plug piecer.
Mac 1 Dual 12 gram adapter which allows two 12 grams to be mounted.

The lower tube is also set up for dual co2 s with the front reverse piercer. One 12 gram can be loaded facing forwards and pierced by this plug and the back (standard loaded 12 gram) is still shoot to pierce.

Unfortunately some of the finish looks like it was partially removed to expose the hard chrome but it’s still in nice shape.

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