Line SI Wire Stocks and Welded Feedneck 1987 Bushmasters

A look at two Wire Stocks on Line SI Bushmaster pump paintguns and some insight into the early Welded feedneck Skimrish / Line SI Bushmasters.

Hard Anodized Pre 1990 Line SI Bushmaster

A diamond dust finish pre 1990 snub Line SI Bushmaster that I found a couple weeks back. This bushmaster is in decent shape and has the SI pump arm screws.

Breech Drop Carter Machine Stock Class Line SI conversion

This stock class Line SI conversion was built by Carter Machine in the early 1990s. Although Breech Drop, I call this nelson pump is a Maximaster.

A Stick Feed Block for the Advantage SI and Ken “Kidd” Hovanian

Steve Brett, aka Mongo, talks about an Advantage SI Stick Feed Setup that Ken "Kidd" Hovanian made and a photo from the Hawaii Cup 1993 event with Kidd.

History on the Line SI Advantage with Steve Brett

Steve "Mongo" Brett talks about the Line SI Advantage, a double action semi automatic that was released in 1990.

The Guns of Navarone and the Round Trigger Guard Line Si Frames

A closer look at the iconic Line SI Guns of Navarone advertisement and a few custom modifications on Line SI Bushmasters Pump paintball markers.

Richard Yabuki remembers his days on Navarone (c.1985-1987)

Richard Yabuki of Team Navarone emailed me recently with photos of his gear and memorabilia from Navarone's very early days.

Ross Alexander, Line SI and the Skirmish Store in Paintcheck May 1990

A scan of Ross Alexander's induction to Paintcheck's Paintball Hall of Fame. This article also shows a good group photo of the employees working with Ross.

Identifying an early Line SI Skirmish Breech Drop Paintgun

Looking at photos of a very complete green anodized early Breech Drop Line SI Skirmish pump and analyzing the features.

Scan from the Skirmish Pursuit P.B.G.A National Tournament

This scan shows the ad for the tournament the Widowmakers played it, the Skirmish Pursuit P.B.G.A National Tournament. It's scanned...