Ted Yoshimura

Jack Wada on on Cal Ordnance and Ted Yoshimura

During out stock game at Hollywood Sports Park I talked to Jack Wada of the Kamikaze Shooters about Cal Ordnance and Ted Yoshimura.

Cal Ordnance’s Logo, maker of the Sheridan Mercenary kit

A Cal Ordnance Logo scanned off of some paper work that was included with my custom sheridan based Mercenary pump.

Spare Cal Ordnance Mercenary Parts and Ted Yoshimura

A Cal Ordnance Mercenary Front Sight and top sight rail that I purchased off ebay many years ago. Still new!

Cal Ordnance Nelson Body Kit as seen in “Paintball” c.1989

A scan from "Paintball" showing the only published photo I've seen of a Cal Ordnance Nelson based body kit.

Nelspot 007 with Cal Ordnance Mods ( knurled pump handle )…

A hard to find Knurled pump handle for a nelspot 007 was actually not created by Cal Ordnance.

Cal Ordnance Mercenary Scan from October 1989 issue of APG

The October 1989 APG magazine shows off the Cal Ordnance Mercenary custom sheridan body kit. Few of these beautiful kits have surfaced today.

Cal Ordnance Mercenary Sheridan body kit c.1989

A Cal Ordnance Mercenary I picked up many years ago. Perfect shape but missing the front sight.