Super Stock

Getting ready Stock Class pumps for tomorrow’s New Years game

A batch of pumps that are ready to be shot in tomorrow's new years stock class game on December 27th!

The Process of Restoring a Neglected Buzzard

A summery of the features on a neglected Carter Machien Buzzard and how I breathed some new life into a neat eBay purchase.

Jimmy Li shows & his Carter Machine Box Gun

Jimmy Li, of CCPaintball, shows off his Carter Machine Box gun at SC Village.

Paul’s ”Circle Snubs” for Boxgun & Stock class Breech Drop Nelson builds

Paul Schreck, of Circle Paintball, has a few stainless breech drop nelson bodies available for purchase.  These are high...

Check It Paintball and Super Stock Pistol

Here is a Check It Paintball Supply Shirt and a CIP Super Stock Pistol to match.