SHO sniper

Unknown P-Block Reverse Minicocker

A mysterious P Blocked Reverse Minicocker I bought a while back. It wasn't made by Brad Nestle and I don't know who cut it.

Introduction of the Pneumatic Assist SHO c.1995

Brad Nestle explains the history of his Pneumatic Assist Super Snipers / SHOs from 1994 until 2006.

A messed up SHO/Reverse Minicocker and a Sniper 3

A project and a loaner. Likely a beat up Brad Nestle PBMax SHO or Reverse body and one of my loaner Sniper 3s.

Super High Output Sniper video

Sonny shows off how quick he can fire off a string from this Super High Output Sniper Pump.

Sonny’s SHO Sniper

Sonny Phommarine showed Alex and I this SHO Sniper.