Thruster Regulator for Air Power Vector c.1995-96

A one handed disassembly of the Air Power Thruster regulator that was offered with the Vector semi automatic paintball gun in the mid 1990s.

Rick Cendejas’ Early 90’s Ironmen Autococker and Splash Minicocker

Two custom Minicockers courtesy of Rick Cendejas. An original Ironmen Autococker, and a Splash Mini that Rick built himself around late 1993 / early 1994.

CCM Series 5 Trash Can Regulator History

David Ahdoot talks about CCM's Series 5 Regulator and explains the year and models it came with. This came on both the pump and semi models.

The Firpo Test and Autococker Rams and LPR’s for April 2015

An assortment of Autococker Rams and Low Pressure Regulators including Shocktech, WGP, ANS and Kapp. Also including some info on testing rams.

Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg

I've been talking with Dave Kermode recently, who sent me a few of his K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Regulators which I've mounted on this Navarone Cocker.

Joe “Viper” O’Connor’s Dogs of War Stroker

Chris Van Horn purchased an old Stroker from Viper, who played on the Dogs of War. Built in 1992 this Palmer's Pursuit Shop semi sheridan is a neat setup.

Air America 320 Unireg – female asa thread

A classic 320 Unireg from Air America. This unique regulator has Female ASA thread for the input as opposed to standard male threads.

Air America Regulator Weight Comparison

We take a brief look at the weight of several Air America inline regulators including Uniregs and a titanium Prophecy Air America Regulator.

Palmer’s Classic Brass Rock Regulator roll pin replacement

Roll pin remove and reassembly / replacement on a classic Autococker Palmer's Pursuit Shop Rock Regulator.

A Bizarre Electronic Framed Autococker with an engraved reg

Losing sucks, engraved on the unireg stainless Air America Regulator, likely means this Autococker was owned by a customer of B and M.

A 96 Super Cocker with a Prototype Air America Integrated Regulator

This Autococker came from Scott Pastorino who worked with Ted Mikrut at Air America designing the Messiah Regulator. The integrated reg is a prototype.

A Blue Splash Autococker off Craigslist

A classic Custom Blue Splash Autococker I found on Craigslist. With some neat after market accessories this would have been a fun paintgun.