Team AGS Nelson with Hypertech Bore Drop Internals

A look at a Bore Drop Team AGS pump paintgun I found last year. The included Hypertech internals along with other high end parts made a competitive package.

Quick Stripping Sudden Death’s Verbeekolater Nelson pump

This video quickly shows how the VerbeekOlater pump breaks down for cleaning. This design is very similar to the later Rebline pumps.

VerbeekOlater Bore Drop Nelson based Internal Set

A look at the internals out of the VerbeekOlater pump. The bolt in this set of internals is longer than a standard bore drop bolt but would fit a Rebline.

Steven “The Colonel” Buzick’s Safety Paintball Business card

This business card offers the missing clue connecting Safety Paintball and the Macho Fire to Steve Buzick of Rebline and Southern Comfort.

Steve “The Colonel” Buzick, of Southern Comfort – c 1987

I've had a hard time tracking down information on either Steve "The Colonel" Buzick or his field, Southern Comfort until I found clues in old magazines.

Southern Comfort Paintball and the Colonel, Los Angeles, CA, c.1985

An advertisement for Southern Comfort paintball, from the August, 1987 issue of Frontline, and some of the other relevant information from interviews.

K-C Delrin Pumps for Line SI Bushmasters and Tippmann SL-68 1s and 2s

More well known for his K-C Trouble Free Oil, David Kermode, of Kermode Concepts, also produced K-C Delrin Pump handles for nelson paintguns around, c.1989.

The Macho Fire vs the USI Eliminator

Macho Fire compared to a USI Eliminator. Unfortunately, I don't have any magazines for the safety paintballs and even...

Sonny Lopez’s Bore Drop Carter Maximaster

Frank from Excessive Force Paintball is selling this Bore Drop Carter Maximaster for Sonny Lopez. This Maximaster is a pretty unique pump from around 1990.

The VerbeekOlater Nelson Pump Paintgun

Danny Guardado and Gilbert Martinez identify an unknown pump as the VerbeekOlater and start me on the "Quest" for more information on Tony and Ron Verbeek.

Rebline Pump arm parts?

Anyone need some extras parts for their Rebline Quick Disconnect Pump arms? Unfortunately I don't have any actual arms, just the innards. These will be posted on the site eventually.