Scorpion by Pursuit Supplies International

Scorpion Autoloader Parts Breakdown

An opened up Scorpion Autoloader showing a breakdown of nearly every piece of the Autoloader.

Cycling the Scorpion Autoloader, video (c.1994)

Paul Schreck Cycles the Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader and a little on Kenimex and the function of the semi automatic conversion valve for nelsons.

Scorpion Elite, pictured in PSI June 1991

A new products write up for the Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Elite, which was the second model inline blowback by PSI, similar to the 68 Special.

Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion from New Zealand

A few images of a Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Inline blowback which I imported from New Zealand a few years back.

The Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader, a blowforward semi nelson

The Scorpion Autoloader by Kenimex. Made in the UK this kit turned a Nelson into a blow forward semi!

Kenimex Scorpion and Scorpion Autoloader

The Kenimex Scorpion pump was designed as an alternative to the Razorback and the shortlived semi auto kit, the Autoloader combined the blowforward valve design of the Automag with the inline boredrop design of the Scorpion.