CMI Thunderpig P1 Hammers vs a NW Comp Hammer

A look comparing the hammers from and NW Comp and CMI Thunderpig P1 pump gun. Both are similar in shape and use a similar sear.

Why Earon Carter Prefers a Stock 007 Trigger Plate over a Skorr Trigger

A short video with Earon Carter on the differences and his preference between a 007 Nelspot trigger plate and Skorr Trigger plates precut for Auto Trigger.

Gramps and Grizzly ad – December 1990 in Paintcheck

A Gramps and Grizzly ad that was printed in the December 1990 issue of Paintcheck magazine shows the Enforcer 1, the NW Comp, BE King Cobra and the SMG60.

Gramps and Grizzly, NW and Mick Holdaway

A scan from the May 1990 issue of Paintcheck shows Mike and Lou Grubb, Nicky Wilson and Mick Holdaway at a tournament at Mick's field, Simulated Activities.