National Survival Games

Jim Lively and Sam Caldwell try the Survival Game c.1982

Left to right: Jim Lively, Sam Caldwell, Brad Clark and Kent Meadows, photo credit Jim Lively, c.1982

Splatmaster from the Paintball History at SC Village

The indestructible National Survival Games Splatmaster from our recent paintball history display at SC Village.

National Survival Games’ Prototype inline blowback c.1989

National Survival Games developed this inline semi automatic prototype in 1989 which never came to market and Bob Gurnsey kept in his collection until 2015.

The Prototype National Survival Games Rapide – c.1988

Fitting the features of the National Survival Games Rapide into Paintball culture of the late 1980s and how it succeeded as a follow up to the Splatmaster.

RIP Bob Gurnsey, Paintball’s Creator, and the NSG Rapide.

Paintball lost it's creator, Bob Gurnsey, of National Survival Games and father to the industry we all love and creator of the Rapide Double Action.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Bob Gurnsey and Paintball Creator’s Memorabilia page on facebook

Bob Gurnsey, the creator of Paintball, is opening up his archive of classic National Survival Games items for sale to the public through facebook.

Super Stanchy Customs on a custom Splatmaster with an Aluminum barrel

Ryan Stanchfield, at Super Stanchy Customs, on the modifications he's done to a family heirloom, his uncle's National Survival Games Splatmaster.

Delaware Delta Dogs memorabilia c.1985-88?

Dominic Michael Caputo II send these photos of his classic Delaware Delta Dog memorabilia, patches, paintguns, trophies and newspaper clippings.

National Survival Game Patch and Bob Gurnsey

I talked to Bob Gurnsey today on the phone and he mentioned still having a bunch of National Survival Game patches left.

The Survivor Player Cup event patch

Received this patch today from Guy Cooper of Pro Star Labs/Adventure Games Colorado. Thanks to a post by Greg Muller of NPS/Valken, I can place ''The Survivor Player Cup's'' location at Adventure Games, Santa Cruz.

National Survival Games Hat c. mid-late 80s?

Awesome National Survival Game hat. Camo with the silkscreened logo. Not sure on year, probably 1987-1989?